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Challenge #2: Preparing Delimited Data

6 - Meteoroid

It took me a while as I had to look for the information on how write the code to reformat the Poem_Read_Date column. 

8 - Asteroid

my solution

6 - Meteoroid

my solution

7 - Meteor

My solution . I must admit I found this tricky but I felt a great sense of achievement when I cracked it.

8 - Asteroid

Below my solution

7 - Meteor

This is my first weekly challenge submission.  Here is my solution, a bit basic, but it gets the job done. It is very instructive to be able to see how others solved the same problem.  


I see how the posted solution is more efficient in terms of getting there in fewer steps. I used Cleanse and the DateTime tool (2 steps) while the posted solution accomplished the same thing in just one step by converting two separate fields with just one (Formula) tool.  I see the power of the Formula tool in that by nesting functions one can take multiple actions on a single field at once rather than have to have multiple tools in succession accomplish the same thing.  I can see how mastery of the Formula tool and the embedded functions can be leveraged to make one's workflows much more efficient.


I think doing this as more steps using just the basic tool functionality without customized Formula functions is more straight forward and easier for a newer (or less technical) person to follow along at the cost perhaps of some inefficiency (extra operations).  Perhaps not an issue when dealing with such a small amount of data but could make a difference on a large dataset.  


One thing I think the posted solution is missing however is matching the field length (53) of the final output of the variable string Poem field, which is why I added the Auto Field tool.

7 - Meteor

Helps learn the basics.

7 - Meteor

Used the date time parse tool instead of the solution's formula using regular expression I believe? 

5 - Atom

Simple scenario , solution.JPG


Revised concept of , Split, Trim, Column data type formatting 

7 - Meteor

good books.