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Challenge #2: Preparing Delimited Data

5 - Atom

I used data to columns, data cleansing, and datetime in the solution.

5 - Atom

First challenge done

6 - Meteoroid

The 'Trim' function was a new one for me. As someone with little to no 'function' knowledge outside of Excel - this was a nice was to learn a new one.

7 - Meteor


8 - Asteroid

Solution attached.

5 - Atom

Finished the first challenge and thus begins my Alteryx adventure - can't wait to learn more and get more into putting together my own syntax when building these flows - I think my Excel brain is still predominantly at the forefront, but I'm sure that will change the more of these challenges I complete!!

11 - Bolide

I did this a while ago but didn't post it - now upgraded with regex parsing.

5 - Atom

It took me almost one hour but I was able to solve it. The only difference with the solutions is that in the text to column I selected "Ignore delimiters in quotes, ignore delimiters in single quotes and skip empty columns". Anyone has done the same?

5 - Atom



**spoilers ahead 😄 **

Used Split to column using "," as delimiter

Used Data Cleanse tool to remove Quotes from the poem

then using the Datatime tool to convert the string to Date format

Select tool to match the names and field types


Thank you,

Michelle 🙂


5 - Atom