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Challenge #2: Preparing Delimited Data

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I was just messing around with this a little and came up with this solution. 

5 - Atom
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Here is my solution:

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My solution:

7 - Meteor

My solution to this weeks challenge! 

8 - Asteroid

Pleased with my results, although your solution is more concise. Nice to know your solution did not match the byte count for the target output either; nice - as in - I am not alone.

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Just a simple Text to Columns, and a trim function for this one. I had to double check how to get rid of single quotes (" ' ") and double quotes (' " ') in the trim function.




8 - Asteroid

My Solution:


8 - Asteroid

Here's my solution! Could probably do it with a tool less if I knew regex better!

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Here's my solution for this exercice :