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Challenge #2: Preparing Delimited Data

7 - Meteor
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8 - Asteroid

Fairly straightforward solution:


6 - Meteoroid

Decided to do a roundabout approach :) 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The formula hung me up for a bit.  Learned something new though!

James Dolan-Hall | Principal Technical Account Manager
support@alteryx.com | community.alteryx.com
8 - Asteroid

Done, that was a quick one :)

7 - Meteor

Keeping it going. My second weekly challenge and here is my solution.

8 - Asteroid

This was very helpful -- thank you!


Question - There are a lot of plausible solutions to this (Formula with Trim v. Data Cleansing Tool v. RegEx or DateTime function v. Formula tool on date) and also potential order of functions (e.g. selecting/renaming before/after tackling character or date formatting).  Is there an optimal solution to this for computational effort? Or generally a list on which functions in Alteryx are more taxing on the system than others?


Thank you!



CC @LaurenU

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I've been using Alteryx for over a year and find myself always using the same tools. I decided to start participating in these challenges to get out of my toolbox comfort zone.


Here is my solution. This is only on my second challenge and I am already learning new things.


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I have been using Alteryx for over a year and find myself always using the same set of tools. I am using these weekly challenges to extend my knowledge of the different capabilities of Alteryx. This is only my second week and already I've learned something new.


6 - Meteoroid

Great introduction exercise!