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Challenge #19: Excel Record Locator

8 - Asteroid

In looking at some of the others after I did this and right before I posted I feel like I went at this from a very complicated view but then again there are a million different ways in which once can achieve the same result.



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8 - Asteroid

I ended up changing the file types to .xlsx due to issues with drivers related to reading in .xls files.

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My solution 🙂

7 - Meteor
9 - Comet

Another fun Challenge! What I love about this one is how very different everyone's solutions were. I saw at least one person used a tile tool -- I never would have thought of that!Capture.PNG

8 - Asteroid



5 - Atom

May not be the most optimal solution but I was able to get to the desired result 🙂



8 - Asteroid

A good reminder to keep things simple.

11 - Bolide

I'm curious to see everyone else's solutions for this one.