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Challenge #183: Roman Numeral Math

8 - Asteroid

Wow!  That was tough.  I had no clue how to do this with Alteryx, so I worked through it using the Python tool.  I learned a ton about how to do this with Alteryx tools from the solution though!

8 - Asteroid

Here's my solution. That one was really tricky, but cool to explore the dynamic replace tool!  Thanks @kelly_gilbert for the guidance on this one!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Quite sneaky level of difficulty -  thank you @LordNeilLord  , @JReid  @AnandKumar1


Final solution is pretty small - this won't give anything away - detail of each piece in the spoiler below




This is really 3 pieces:
a) Create a list of all roman numerals.    
b) use a find/replace to replace the roman digits with arabic 
c) then execute the formula using a formula tool inside a macro.

A: Create a list of all roman numerals.

There are 2 pieces to this because roman numerals work in 2 different ways - additive (like V plus 1 = VI) and subtractive (VIII plus 1 = IX).
To make this easy - build the list of all the subtractive numbers (like 9; 450; etc) first; and then use additive logic to create all the other numbers


This is the next part which is an iterative macro to generate the final number set using additive logic.RomanIterative.jpg
C) Execute the formula
Trick here is to not do any work.    Create a macro, then use the action tool to swap your numerical formula into the formula box, and then run it.


16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@EstherB47 wrote:

I'd love to figure out a more streamlined approach. Here's my go at it, not very different from anyone else.


Sometimes I do actually miss the INDIRECT function.....

ABSOLUTELY - and Indirect function would have been super valuable in a dozen places at work too (not just weekly challenges).


I think there's an idea out there for Indirect @EstherB47  - if not, log it and I'll definitely vote for it!

8 - Asteroid




Little different approach to this one - used a batch macro to evaluate the formula!

Alteryx Partner

183 complete 

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @SeanAdams . I just checked the ideas, and indeed there is one already there. And wow would it help!!!




Like. Rinse. Repeat.





I liked this conversion challenge.  Not something you run into everyday, but it gave a good opportunity to showcase the the dynamic replace function.




8 - Asteroid