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Challenge #177: Ham Hamlet

8 - Asteroid

wow.. not sure if i was supposed to solve it without manually deducing what each 2 letter character was.. but for me it was a very tedious manual exercise.


First step was to brush up on my pig latin (i used this translator https://lingojam.com/PigLatinTranslator)




1.  i replaced "acqd" (ay) with , and then did a split to rows.  As most rows started with ks i could safely assume this was a space

2. replaced ks with , and then split to rows

3. i then counted the length of chars and did a filter on 8 (which returns 2 and 3 letter words depending on whether there was a yay suffix).  I did a sum and sorted by frequency.  Using google to return a list of most popular 3 and 2 letter words i was able to start decoding letters for (the, for, or, and, if, I, etc, etc)

4. after that i extended out my list to 3 and 4 letter words using the find and replace with known letters.  Slowly decoding in the letters 1 by 1

5. rinse and repeat slowly increasing my length filter to decode new letters




i checked out some solutions and seriously my hats off to some of them, brilliant stuff