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Challenge #167: Grand Prix 2019

12 - Quasar

Solution attached.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Going by year alone you appear to get two answers. But if you assume they win at the last (max) date of a Grand Prix within that season you can calculate the difference in days... and indeed Vettel was 165 days younger than Hamilton at the time of winning.





11 - Bolide

Once again a great challenge, and once again I am miles from the podium 🏁


Also I will not blindly concur to the result, since my first calculations found another young driver, but here it is


Took me a while to figure our which data to actually use.
I have not looked any further into the data, to see if the cross-relation was correct (point are stored in multiple sources), but I did manage to match the provided result

The ResultThe Resultby building the workflow like this
The WorkflowThe Workflow
I guess it depends on what the criteria really is. It could be that my logic and calculations are wrong, but if I look at age, related to days, then it is Lewis Hamilton that is the youngest driver and not Sebastian Vettel 😕Vettel or Hamilton is the youngest?Vettel or Hamilton is the youngest?


Still Climbing






Got a bit stuck when I kept having Hamilton as youngest winner (not biased at all) until I realised that the points were cumulative throughout the season. Enjoyed the challenge, looking forward to seeing how other people completed this in a faster way!


WC 167.PNG


ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Was able to get answer without one of the tables. 

8 - Asteroid



So as it turns out:

Sebastian Vettel-8546 (Days Old)

Lewis Hamilton-8723 (Days Old)

Vettel was 177 days younger than Hamilton...

-This assumes the season on 11/25 of the year as that was the season end for 2018.

This one took me a while to figure out as I kept getting Hamiliton until I used the DateTimeDiff and then used "Days" versus "Years" on the sort, while carrying both through until a Select at the end, I also had to change the VW String to an Integer...

This was an interesting Challenge, as I used Summarize twice, once to get the cumulative point totals for the years of racing and then again to get the Maximum amount of points (winner) and then used a Join to get the winner, almost  like a filter.



8 - Asteroid

My Solution:

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar
Here's my solution, it works but I've just calculated the age based on the racer's age for the last race of the season where as I think it would be better to find the race where they win the Championship (which may not be the last race).

Challenge 167.PNG
Check out my collaboration with fellow ACE Joshua Burkhow at AlterTricks.com
8 - Asteroid

Hi @ianwi , here's my solution!




8 - Asteroid