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Challenge #166: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - at Inspire

13 - Pulsar

@RWvanLeeuwen I like the custom start/end icons!


Ha ha, in the real version of this report, I did include participants with zero miles, mostly so I'd be prompted to remind them to update their data entry! 

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Challenge 166 is done!


challenge 166 JMS solution.PNG
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

My solution:


8 - Asteroid

Some good practice with the reporting tools.

8 - Asteroid

Solution attached.


Challenge 166.PNG
15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Go team!


Challenge 166.png


9 - Comet
2019-11-24 08_05_28-Greenshot.png2019-11-24 08_02_44-Greenshot.png
7 - Meteor

Solution attached.

8 - Asteroid

Struggled with this one, since I don't know the map tools at all.  Learned a good bit though, especially about labelling



Lower Thread....
- Create spatial points from lat and long
- Sort so that start and end points are in correct order (to end in Nashville)
- Make subsequent points the end points for each segment (bringing start and end to same record)
- Create line between start and end points
- Measure distance between points
- Add RecordID
- A couple of tools that may not be necessary (skipping here in description)
- Add running total of distance
Activity log thread...
- Calculate running total of distance 'travelled'
- Summarize tool to determine max distance for each participant
- Join with Participant List (join on Name)
- Union to capture Participant 5 since not in activity log
- Set MaxRun to 0 if null (might not be necessary)
- Sort MaxRun (asc)
- Append records with spatial points (since I couldn't find any way to join them given that map distances not equal to MaxRun distances
- Set Marker flag if MaxRun distance less than or equal to each map point distance
- Filter out records with null Markers
- Select first record for each Name (these will be the points that match the MaxRun total to the map) - that will be flagged on map
Feed forward to Report Map tool
- #1: Participant data
- #2: Map data
- #3: StartPoint data for initial marker (House)
- #4: EndPoint data for final marker (Star)
Report Map tool....
- Set each feed item as data for map (this was the part I struggled with until I figured out that different layers needed different threads feeding in - perhaps I should have read up on how to use the tool.... naaaah, that couldn't be it)
- Create layer for each tool and select format options




8 - Asteroid