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Challenge #160: Diamonds R Forever

8 - Asteroid

my solution: 

11 - Bolide

Wanted to try and join a lookup table to work like an approximate VLOOKUP, but struggled with it.  Ended up with a formula based solution, but definitely curious if anyone finds a way to accomplish it via a similar method.  


160 MP.png
10 - Fireball

Hi! Here my solution 🙂

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Fun challenge! I have used the R tool with an input tool, but not without an input. 

Challenge 160.PNG
The R code I used (I had already unzipped the file):
load("C:/Users/Christopher.Lewis/Save Location/Alteryx Challenges/Big Diamonds/BigDiamonds.Rda")
write.Alteryx(diamondsbig, 1)
13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Took a little bit of time to read and comprehend the link to using the R tool.  Learning R and Python coding are on my list.


Workflow 160.GIF
10 - Fireball

I got to show this to the wife, since she is a gemologist and diamond grader 😊


It took me some serious time to solve this one.
Struggled with the reading of the rda file, seem I was not the only one who quite didn't get how to use slashes properly.


Second was the grouping. At first I hadn't seen the provided Output, so I just went for the quick and easy Smart Tile.
But just before I was to submit the answer I noticed the Output, and found out, that it was not that easy after all 😉


After I did manage to read the data, I could the use the formula tool to create the Range, and the group on that and count on carats

The WorkflowThe WorkflowBut here is a small tip (if you did not know this already)

In order to save some time, and avoid to read the data from the rda file, every time the workflow is run, then I simply added a Select tool and choose »Cache and Run Workflow«
Cache and Run WorklowCache and Run Worklow
The on all the subsequent runs, the workflow would run a little bit faster 😉Use the CacheUse the Cache

Still Climbing








5 - Atom

It was fun to learn the R tool

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Can't skip this one since I'm in the jewelry industry!

8 - Asteroid

My submission!

12 - Quasar

Had to dust off some long-unused R syntax for this one!


It would have been much easier to perform the grouping/counting in Alteryx, but I wanted to challenge myself to do it all within R!