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Weekly Challenge

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Challenge #153: And the Oscar goes to...


First analytical app and I never touch the reporting tab so I learned a ton.


WC153 Oscar.png
WC153 Oscar Free Solo.png

And the Oscar goes to...


... the Overlay tool! Not my best friend when it comes to Alteryx tools, but when I do finally figure out the right combinations, it does sort of make me feel like I should have had an acceptance speech prepared... ;)


Took a cue from @karp and made sure to add some formulas that make the results semantically correct - much cleaner result!



This challenge helped me stay up-to-date on the entertainment world, because I normally have zero interest in the Academy Awards and would have never looked at the list of winners otherwise!


This one had a little bit of everything: parsing, apps, reporting tools!










Here is my solution :)Capture.JPG




This is fun! My solution attached!

Alteryx Certified Partner

What is PCXML and why would you use it over say PDF, anybody?


Solution attached


Challenge 153 - Capture.PNGWorkflow
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My solution...


Not all that elegant, but it works!


My solution. And now I've learned about rendering to .pcxml... I love how these challenges have those little extras! :)

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This weekly challenge was way harder than I anticipated, so it tool me a while before I could get from this

2019-03-27 14_53_40-Alteryx Designer x64 Analytic App - challenge_153_solution_verakso.pngThe App

to this

2019-03-27 14_54_50-Alteryx PCXML Viewer C__ProgramData_Alteryx_Engine_Engine_1580_3d6574aa372e4f6e9.pngThe Result

I am not so pleased with the output, but this will do for now, the workflow / Analytical App, ended up looking like this

2019-03-27 14_52_05-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_153_solution_verakso.yxwz_.pngThe Workflow/Analytical AppFirst some small tips.
When using the Text to Columns tool, to split into columns/rows, you can use more than one demilter in one go.
In this case the Details is split on both ; and ,

My biggest issue, apart from the formatting of a nice layout, was actually debugging the App, As it turned our, not all the categories in the drop down did not return any result. One of the reasons is that some of the Categories like "MUSIC (ORIGINAL SONG)" contains parenthesis, but they are removed when the data is transposed and used in the drop down tool.
All though the that is easily fixed in the "Award Category" data by using the formula
ReplaceChar([Award Category], "()", "")
It did not solve the problem, with some of the trailing spaces I ended up with, when I did the Transpose.
So here my Dynamic Rename formula ended up looking like this:
Trim(Replace(Replace([_CurrentField_], "_", " "),"  "," ")," ")
Not nice, but it did the trick.

It helped that I had watch one of the recorded Live Training sessions on Analytical Apps, and especially how to debug then, using the interface designer, that helped me narrow down that bug.

Not sure how many has tested all the categories, and I haven't either, but I did notice that the provided solution from @ChristineB  had the same issue 😉

Still Climbing











my solution: