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Challenge #15: Warehouse Shipped Miles

7 - Meteor

Starting to learn spatial toolset. 

7 - Meteor

Here is my solution!

7 - Meteor


5 - Atom

My answer, basically is the same as the solutions.

8 - Asteroid

Another one bites the dust


First time playing about with spatial tools for this challenge. 
So to start off I joined the two data sets concerned with each individual store. I then used the Create Points tool to mark the points of each store coming out of the join and then another CreatePoints tool to mark each warehouse coming out of that input. 
Then the FindNearest tool was implemented with the store points going into the target input and the warehouse points going into the universe input with the maximum distance set at 100,000 miles. 
A simple formula to find the total miles was just the Distance in miles each item has to travel to get to the nearest store multiplied by the number of assigned items for that store. 
 Summarize tool to group by the Item and sum the total miles to calculate the total distance for each item. 
Select tool was then used to rename a column to match that of the given output. 

7 - Meteor

First Spatial challenge for me. I liked this one a lot. 

8 - Asteroid

Here is mine.  Got confused at "assigned vs. required"...hope i wasn't the only one!

8 - Asteroid


7 - Meteor
I enjoyed practicing with the find nearest tool, but I am not sure I understand the question being solved here.  The distance item 1 will need to travel could be expressed as the total distance of item 1 from each warehouse to each store, but it seems like the solution is actually tracking the total distance traveled for the full inventory of each item being shipped to each store - the number of "assigned" is the total inventory of an item to be shipped and we have to multiply assigned*distance to get the correct answer.  This seems like it is answering a question pertaining to shipping data (maybe to figure out total trucking or flight miles required for an inventory order to complete a cost calculation?) but its not entirely clear if that is the logic or not.  
7 - Meteor