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Challenge #147: EMEA Grand Prix Prelims - Time Series

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Here's my solution




Catching Up...

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The first challenge of the year, and I was already stuck.

2019-01-17 13_26_10-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_147_solution_verakso.yxmd.pngNo Help Here

So I did what I always do - plunge though the community to learn more about ETS models,

Well, there wasn't any obvious Tool Mastery - ETS tip this time (or perhaps there is, and it is just called something else), but I found this recorded Live Training on Time Series Modeling.


It is easy just to copy others solutions, and mark it as done ✓

But then I would not have learned how to use it, or get a grasp on how it works.


I over complicated my solution, but in the end, I did get a result that matched so here it is


As I stated, my final workflow is a bit over complicated, but I tried to apply what I had learned from the recording of the Live Training.

2019-01-17 13_14_18-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_147_solution_verakso.yxmd.pngThe Worflow

Here it was mentioned, that you should:

  • Identify missing periods in the historical dataset
  • Always check for NULL/missing values
  • Order consecutive periods between start and ending period

So that's I applied some sorting, I wanted to make sure that the data was aligned

But the result was not right...

2019-01-17 13_15_48-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_147_solution_verakso.yxmd_.pngThe weong result Again, I had been following the Live Training a bit to much, and I had put in the ☑ in the »Series starting period...«

2019-01-17 13_16_53-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_147_solution_verakso.yxmd_.pngThe wrong settings

Turned out, that you where not supposed to do this in this challenge, so after removing the checkbox, my result looked just like the one provided. 

2019-01-17 13_18_42-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_147_solution_verakso.yxmd_.pngThe final result I will recommend that Live Training session though, since it provided me with some further insight, like this cool TS Plot tool

Weekly_Challenge_147.gifThe use of TS Plot




 Until next week





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My solution 3 weeks later. No wonder I didn't get on stage...


Challenge 147 - Capture.PNGWorkflow
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Duplicated message :/

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Showing again just how easy it is to run models in Alteryx!

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First attempt at time series modeling and forecasts in Alteryx. I was happy to see the workflow I came up with was similar to many others. I think I'll take some time to learn more.


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Attached solution

Here is my solution.