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Challenge #146: SANTALYTICS 2018 - Part 2

8 - Asteroid
My workflow requires a little bit more manual intervention the the others posted but here is my list (targeting higher priced "Hygiene" items while purchasing the max amount of Clothing items without going over budget $760 total)

Santalytics-Pt 2.PNG
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@T_Willins @EW, I followed your lead and locked in a donation of my own! 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Let's get all the solutions in we can today and get as high as we can go. 


Am I 'beating the system' for good with this one?





The benefits of going later in this challenge is it makes you feel like you are doing more for charity. 


I had a whopping $780 to donate and spread across my items.


I went with using the customer ratings as the sort order as this meant that we were able to donate items most valued.

Managed a total of 88 items
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



All of this solving is kicking my giving spirit into overdrive! I love that a few folks in the thread have made personal donations in addition to contributing a solution toward our Alteryx For Good donation. I love it so much that I'm going to personally double-down. Here's the deal:


  1. Post a solution to this thread if you haven't already
  2. Make a charitable donation to a reputable charity of your choice today
  3. Send me a picture of your receipt (I'll accept anything from Wednesday, December 19th through Friday, December 21st 11:59 PM Pacific time)
  4. I'll match your personal donation dollar-for-dollar up to some reasonable (or potentially unreasonable) number. My matching donation will go to A Precious Child

Let's do this together.




CC: @T_Willins@EW

8 - Asteroid

This is such a great idea!


Nice to get a chance to revisit the optimisation tool. Still have to look at the example workflows everytime I it.



 @BrianO: Check your inbox...

14 - Magnetar

Probably going to tweak/refine/rewrite this solution later tonight, but wanted to put up a solution before it was too late!

I did some filtering of high-dollar items since there were things which cost hundreds of dollars that I just felt were less valuable overall.  I also used a weighted valuation of the customer rating * sale Price to sort the data, so that high-rated items that were more expensive could beat out cheaper items in some cases.

EDIT: Updated this when I got home, and fixed some silliness from me going too fast.


My weighted valuation was reversed - I needed to divide sale price by customer rating to get the weighted valuation I was looking for, and sort ascending. This also removed the need for a high-priced filter. I also modified my logic to use an iterative macro, instead of running totals, which increased the number of items I picked from 232 to 325.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for this challenge!

Learned a lot while going through it.


12 - Quasar

At the time I ran mine (6:21 PM Eastern), there were 43 solutions. With mine, there are 44 solutions --> $880 to spend!






My strategy was:
* Limit categories to basic hygiene and kids' clothes (using this list: https://apreciouschild.org/take-action/donate-goods/)
* Within each category, sort by customer rating and buy 10 of each item until no more items can be purchased. This strategy potentially limits the time spent sorting and stocking the items at A Precious Child's resource centers by concentrating on a smaller number of items.
* After allocating within each category, pool the small leftover $ amounts from each category, and attempt to buy more items (even if it violates the 10 max rule, because we may be able to squeeze in something else if it's low priced).


Iterative macro that cycles through Community pages until failure:

8 - Asteroid

My solution with $880 ($0.34 leftover)! (Got a bit stuck with this one, but learned a lot.)