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Challenge #144: Secret Santa Assignments (BAH HUMBUG!)

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quick solution. Accounts for the cases where there may be more than 50 people. 


Hi All

I have done 2 solutions after a bit of googling :)

the first is purely random discounting the scroogieness rating, the second takes the scroogieness into account but loses it's random assignment.

Happy holidays.

a bit late, and not that perfect but here is mine and it seems to work :)


My Solution..  fairly simple and straight forward, but it works for both challenges

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Challenge 144 Pris Lam.PNG

This is my first attempt at an Alteryx weekly challenge :)


My 1st weekly challenge solution..!

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Not the most efficient solution when I look through some of the other solutions

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Working my way backwards from Santalytics, and my solution might also seem backwards, but here it is


2018-12-13 20_40_02-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_144_solution_verakso.yxmd.pngScroogieness calculationI quite haven't grasped iterative macros, and that have to wait for another day.
This seems luckily to be resolved rather simple by splitting the dataset, reverse and merge, and by the help of the Christmas Spirit, it would seem that it matches the result provided,

Happy Holidays



Wow, that was a lot of fun!


My solution:



GREAT exercise for Interative Macros!


I went down the thought process (as some other users did) of making 50 pairs, but in the end I solved both ways.

For my solution, I created all the possible permutations, filtered for scroogieness and self-selection, and fed the result into an iterative macro. My first attempt ran about 20,000 times without satisfying the scroogieness clause, so I ended up sorting by scrooginess and matching the scroogiest people first. Not truly random, but close enough for a Secret Santa!


Thanks @Carlithian for an awesome challenge!


I think mine could have been more elegant, but it seems to work!