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Challenge #139: Spooky API Connection

8 - Asteroid

My Effort - took a while. Hat tip to @mbogusz for new api workings

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This was interesting...It seems the API that was used when this challenge was posted is still active, but not admitting new users (and will phase out at the end of the month) (FYI @JoeM )
I've registered for the API that supersedes this one https://fdc.nal.usda.gov/api-key-signup.html

A quick search suggests the old id's don't seem to exist in the new API/database (web info says you can use ndbid to search, but I've been unable to find those provided in the starting challenge -either using the API or the web searchbox), so I've done two sets of calls: one to search by name, and then get the first result for each;and a second to get the details (i.e. calories). Not surprisingly, the numbers don't quite add up...





It should be possible to search using the ndbid, but I get no results

but in postman:

so I may be doing something wrong..



8 - Asteroid



I had some trouble getting the request for the API as I had to peek at others.

-This is a really good example of an API though.



8 - Asteroid

First API workflow

17 - Castor

Might want to re look at the weekly challenge question.

The API link might be changes was getting something like below.



I can see some people have pointed it out too 🙂


Either ways i took reference of another posted solution to solve the weekly challenge 🙂





On a spree to binge complete weekly challenges
Adrenaline rush

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Good API Practice, it's been a while!

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Alteryx Certified Partner

Challenge 139 is done!


10 - Fireball

I get slightly different numbers but I was using a different API (as others mentioned the original one doesn't seem to be working)




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Here is my solution !

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Well, I got an answer anyway.


As others have mentioned, the original API is no longer active. I used the following URL:


where [IDs] is a comma-separated list of IDs and [Key] is your API key.


The candy IDs have also changed. I used the following list:

Snickers 789264
Candy Corn 425594
Tootsie Roll Pop 427751
Sweetarts 570272
Atomic Fireballs 476145
Chewy Sours 789635
Sour Patch Kids 579277


My final answer doesn't match the solution. I assume this is due to the changes with the API. Otherwise, I believe my workflow to be logically correct.