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Challenge #136: Cleudo!

5 - Atom

started to watch interactive lessons yesterday and today I was able to solve this challenge. It was a great practice for me. Thanks a lot

8 - Asteroid

I enjoyed this one 🙂








Solved (attached) -- see cheater solution below:


Batch Macro to test all possibilitiesBatch Macro to test all possibilities




13 - Pulsar

Here is my findings. 



6 - Meteoroid

First time I do Weekly Challenge.

Very funny!!!!

Alteryx Certified Partner

This was really fun, and I am glad that I attended this session.


All though the team I was in did manage to solve it within the time frame, I could not help trying to solve the puzzle once more by my own, so here it is.


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi ponraj


Glad you enjoyed the challenge, and manage to solve it.


Next time you should put the answer into a spoiler tag2018-10-14 17_00_37-Reply to Message - Alteryx Community.png

















That way you do not give away the answer to quick to the once that also would like to try the puzzle. 😉


Best regards

13 - Pulsar

Thanks @Verakso


I do not know about this feature until you share. will use spoiler tag feature from my next post on wards. 



Ponraj S

8 - Asteroid

Hi @Verakso


Can you please advise if there is a way to save the workflow as jpeg image vs using a snipping tool? 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Hi @alexey_nikityuk?

I use a snipping tool to create my screenshots. I am not familiar with any kind of functionality with in Alteryx, except the Print functionality.

However, the print option does not provide the same amount of flexibility as a snippet tool does.

And there is plenty to choose from, from the built-in, to commercial applications, and free ones like the one I use (Greenshot).