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Challenge #124: Air Transport Network Analysis

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Last week's solution is HERE.


This week, we are focused on learning a tool! The network analysis tool! The configuration is quite simple - the most challenging part will be prepping and structuring data for the tool itself.

For this week's challenge, the data given makes up two files - routes flown by planes and airport information. Create a network analysis visualization of all domestic (source and destination) flights in the United States (or country of choice) using the aforementioned files. Note that when interactive visualizations of the network analysis tools are clicked, there may be long render times based on data volume. For beginners, simply just visualize the top 100 records, for people who want take it a step further, analyze all airports in the network analysis tool, and then re-visualize the top most trafficked airport (>=500 degrees). From there, as long as the source or destination airport is in the route, then put it in the visualization. Look for ~279 airports.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

I couldn't convince my computer to render it. Perhaps I took a wrong step somewhere...

I ended up with 5 airports over 500 degrees. 

Here is the smallest of the 5 (Los Angeles). This picture isn't capturing the fact that these dots are buzzing around all over the place.


When I opened it up to all 5, the picture wouldn't render.

13 - Pulsar

New to the tool, so I'm not positive this is right, but here's a first go!



 278 airports...


6 - Meteoroid

So, definitely not pretty. First time using any R tools, so it took a little investigating and t&e.


12 - Quasar





ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

This is one of those exercises where it was trial and error and repeat, trial and error and repeat again (and again and again and again....).  I really wanted to understand what it was doing and how to set it up.  Super-gratifying when it came in at the ~279 airports (I got 278).  


To top it off - it rendered!



11 - Bolide


I just couldn't get the United States network to render, so I chose Norway. I hear it is beautiful there; maybe I will fly there from SAN someday. :)



14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

After a hard time, one night on it, finally the result, really fun and interresting!

7 - Meteor

This is my first-time using network analysis tool in alteryx. It is a really fun tool and I find it difficult to take a print screen of the graph since it is shaking all the time. anyhow Here is my solution.




9 - Comet

This was a fun one.  New tool for me, but familiar data from my previous life in the airline space!  Pic is from ATL, which has the busiest network.

ATL Air Route Network.PNG