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Challenge #121: World Cup 2018!


I came down somewhere in the middle on the number of tools. Probably could have pared it down more with some creative RegEx work.

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All though this seemed a lot like the weekly challenge # 20, I perhaps went to quickly down that rabbit hole.


I did manage to match the result, and it ain't pretty, but it could get me into the award category for most tools used.


2019-03-20 10_03_58-Alteryx Designer x64 - challenge_121_solution_verakso.yxmd.png

I had the intention on taking this challenge furter, and do some extra creativity as suggested by @JoeM, but after spending another hour on this I gave up and submitted this.


My idea was to use the image links provided, and the generate a report with the stadium name, over the picture of the stadion and a table with the games on the side. But as I wrote I could not get that to work, and I could not seem to figure out, why the image tool did not like the image blobs that I could fetch.


But there is still plenty of Weekly Challenges I have not yet solved, so eventually I will get to it.


Still Climbing






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Here's my solution to challenge 121


Solution. Probably a better way,  but overall happy to use some regex


Hi you can also find my solution here for this Challenge. I just gave it a try! ;) Here I have used RegEx to Parse the Values required for the Output. Hope it will help you.

Also let me know if you have any queries regarding this? 

Thank You. :)


Oh I miss the World Cup! Those beautiful games... 


My Solution


Realised that I forgot to upload my solutions to this challenge.


(original reply with solution image is above)


Hi Charlie,


I'm still working on the problem from my end, but I found your engineering to solve the problem quite elegant.


Your process was easy to follow and your end product is very impressive.


Just thought I would share.




This one was tricky for me with all the parsing, text to column, but i finally madeit. Here's my solution

challenge 121.PNG