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Challenge #120: Popular Baby Names

10 - Fireball


8 - Asteroid
120 Picture.PNG
5 - Atom

Could only work with the tools I had learned so far but here's mine 😊

8 - Asteroid

Please find attached my solution for the challenge, Its wonderful to see how many different ways everyone has taken to approach the same output. I ended up using only the tools i have learnt so far.

8 - Asteroid

My Solution

7 - Meteor





8 - Asteroid

So for this one, Here is how my workflow works:

1. First I use Text-to-column tool to get all the names, gender and the number of time it appear.
2. Then I use the Data cleansing tool to get only the year from the file names. I remove all letters, whitespace, special character in the configuration.
3 Then I use the select tool to rename all the columns and change datatype for number of times and year.
4. Then I use the filter tool to separate the male and female into two different data-stream.
5. Then I use summarize tool on both data stream to get the total sum of number of times each name appear group by year and name.
6. Then I sort by year, by number of times and by name.
7. Then I summeraze again and select the first name and number for each year.
8. Then I join both the data stream and get the final results.
9. Then I use the select tool to rename and select the required column.
10. Then I use the browse tool to display final result.


Thanks for the Challenge.





5 - Atom

Can we reduce the four summarize tool and 2 sort tools in your solution into only one tool? I think you can improve your approach there. 


BTW, Nice try.

6 - Meteoroid

Here is my approach. 

5 - Atom

I am new to Alteryx, so I am yet to master the huge variety of tools available 🙂 For this challenge, I did my best with the basics, here's my solution:


ch 120 flow.png