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Challenge #117: Credit/Debit Midpoints

8 - Asteroid

It's amazing to see how many different solutions are given here. Great bunch of bright people here 🙂

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

If this were a workflow for use IRL I think I would spend more time to make it more elegant and streamlined, but this workflow should work for any data sets in this format.


Workflow 117.JPG


8 - Asteroid

Cool use of the Smart Tile tool.  Thank you @kcgreen for the inspiring solution.


2019-10-18 19_00_06-Greenshot.png
8 - Asteroid

Fun one!

8 - Asteroid

Here is my take on this one.  This one was a hard one to fully understand the problem!


8 - Asteroid

Solution attached.

18-11-2019 09-22-08.png
Alteryx Certified Partner

Pretty challenging tbh 😄

8 - Asteroid

My Solution:

11 - Bolide

My solution ended up being similar to the given solutions except I forgot about the running sum tool. Oops.

Alteryx Partner

The more of these I do, the more my solutions are becoming like those of the experts.  Always a good sign (even if I am not there yet) as I guess it is becoming more intuitive


- Add RecordID
- Split out even rows
- Tokenize to separate each number (\W*\d+)\s*
- Convert to number
- Take running total
- Add new RecordID
- Sort by new RecordID (desc)
- Take new running total
- Add new RecordID
- Compare running totals above and below test record
- Number Records from 0
- Change original RecordID to Account (by dividing by 2)
- Filter out Null matches
- Clean-up