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Challenge #10: Date Time Calculations


A few more steps than others, but straightforward to troubleshoot...

Alteryx Partner

Cool challenge and good introduction to the DateTimeDiff function. 

I ended up using formulas where I took the difference between hours and then subtracted out [Days]*24. Got to the same place. 


Had a difference in seconds though, but when I do the calculation by hand, my answer seems to be correct, not what is listed in the text output. 


Interesting take though. Had to look up what a Modulo was when I compared my solution to the given solution. 

Alteryx Partner

Checked out some other solutions afterwards and really appreciate the diversity in approaches by others who have solved this.  And the bonus is that I learned about the modulo function!



Hours:  DateTimeDiff([Time_Now],[TIMESTAMP],'hours') - ([Days]*24)
Minutes:  DateTimeDiff([Time_Now],[TIMESTAMP],'minute') - ((60*24*[Days]) + (60*[Hours]))
Seconds:  DateTimeDiff([Time_Now],[TIMESTAMP],'second') - ((60*60*24*[Days]) + (60*60*[Hours]) + (60*[Minutes]))




Tested on both the Input and Output data since they seemed slightly different.

Alteryx Certified Partner

My solution :)

solution attached

Alteryx Partner

Solution attached. I went with a somewhat mathemical way.


1 tool. 4 formulas

Solution-Challenge 010.PNG

Soltuion attached.