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Challenge #1: Join to Range

7 - Meteor
Challenge 1 Image.png
8 - Asteroid

Used similar solution.


MS - Solution.PNG
7 - Meteor

Challenge result

5 - Atom

My solution to Challenge 1:

5 - Atom

Here's my Solution of Weekly challenge#1: Joint to Range

5 - Atom

Solution attached:

8 - Asteroid

I know I'm really late to this party, but figured better late than never.


I didn't look through the solutions, so I'm sure this was done before, but I used a trick I've used in SQL to do this.  I parsed out the code range into a high and low, then appended the records and checked to see if they were between, if they were, I added a 'keep' flag and then filtered out all the NOs.  Followed that with a summarize tool.  And then to validate the results, I joined my results to the given results using the three key fields.
8 - Asteroid

Here's my solution.

7 - Meteor

Here is my solution!

8 - Asteroid

Attached my solution