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Challenge #1: Join to Range

6 - Meteoroid


7 - Meteor

Completed! Great way to learn the intricacies of the generate rows tool

6 - Meteoroid

Hello All,


I Joined the party little late, but planning to finish as much as possible in this week.


However attached my solution


Thank you all for your support




Posting my first solution to a challenge! Looks like my solution is similar to most.

7 - Meteor

My solution

6 - Meteoroid

Didn't use a parse but rather binned the postal areas and matched them with the regions in the look up table.

5 - Atom

Starting my weekly challenges. 
I used a formula and then created a simple JOIN, from what I've read it looks similar as most solutions.

6 - Meteoroid

Here's my solution.  This was a good way to introduce a dynamic use of Generate Rows!

5 - Atom

I definitely ran into a common loop expression error, the troubleshooting notes in the help document got me sorted out.