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Weekly Challenge

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Challenge #1: Join to Range

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner
I used the Advanced Join to merge the two sets of postal areas and establish a "between" range relationship.  The only time wouldn't work is if they work US postal codes because the leading zeros will not allow for the postal fields to be changed to numerical.
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Solution attached.  I love the idea of the weekly challenges


Catching up on weekly challenges.


Weekly Challenge 001.png
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Catching up


This is so much fun. Used a not so totally far approach in producing the correct output.

Alteryx Partner

Nice and easy

Alteryx Partner

Generate rows is very useful. 


Hello Andrew,


That is a very elegant solution; this is the first time that I see this advanced join tool; however, I do not see the icon on my designer. Is it because I am running version

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

@JORGE4900, you can find and download the Advanced Join tool from the Alteryx Gallery -!app/Advanced-Join/547f8df96ac90f0f2ca5e439


Hi Joe,


Thanks for sharing that link; I will try to install it right after upgrading to the latest version of Alteryx.