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Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
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Live Training: Tips and Tricks

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Experience Level: All!

Course Description: Even for experienced Alteryx users, there are moments when you see someone else do something cool in Alteryx and say "I didn't know you could do that!" This session show a wide variety of features and shortcuts that can save you lots of time and just make life easier.


You’ll Learn How to:

  • Work more quickly and more efficiently in Alteryx
  • Be more proficient with interface interaction

Date: 2018-08-28

Version: 2018.3

Presented by@ChristineB


One feedback on the website. Somehow the course links on the live training calendar don't work at all. Neither "GO TO TRAINING" nor "MEETING INVITE" works. Had to search for this course and tried to find the webex info for 10 mins.... live training.PNG

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Want to learn more Tips & Tricks?  Check out this document for more that were shared at our 2018 Inspire conference in Anaheim!

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Thanks for letting me know @MengxiL!  It does appear our meeting invite download is not working properly.  I'll see what I can do about that!


Hi, could you kindly post the datasets or example workflow to match the archived training video?  Thanks!

Alteryx Certified Partner

What if we like to batch workflows, say I want to limit the row input to the first 100 rows but then apply this workflow over and over again until all data is preprocessed (basically reading chunks due to file size) How could we do that? Thanks


Hi Christine,


While trying to access the content I am getting the message "This content has been blocked".


Could you please help.


Hi Christine, if you have a chance to revisit this; would you be able to make available the sample data you used. Thank!




Hi Christine,


I've watched webinars from Wayne, JoeM, Anthony, etc. and I have to give you a "shout out"! :)


You are so thorough, precise, clear, you go at a nice steady pace (not too fast, not too slow), and you are the most well-prepared presenter I've watched.


I always go away learning something new!


Thank you!