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Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
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Live Training Index & Welcome

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Welcome to Live Training. Once a week, we will host a one-hour training around a specific topic or case study. Not only can you experience a training that will try to cover many of the in-depth facets of tools and problems, but you have the opportunity to participate in a live virtual classroom environment. In the live classroom, you can experience the latest version of the Alteryx Designer, chat with the instructor, and even ask questions to be addressed in the live training.

Training TitleDateTopicDifficultyVersion
Advanced Certification Prep Part VI FINALE2019-04-30IntroIntermediate
Born to Solve Chapter 42019-04-23IntroBeginner
Advanced Certification Prep Part V2019-04-16Data ParsingIntermediate
Advanced Certification Prep Part IV2019-04-02ReportingIntermediate
Advanced Certification Prep Part III2019-03-19ApplicationsIntermediate
Parsing Dates and Times2019-03-12IntroIntermediate
Advanced Certification Prep Part II2019-03-05MacrosIntermediate
Underrated Tools in Alteryx2019-02-12IntroBeginner
Understanding Data Types2019-01-29Intro
Getting Started with the Alteryx Designer2018-12-28IntroBeginner
Making Dynamic Workflows2018-12-28Data AnalysisIntermediate
Fuzzy Matching for Beginners2018-12-11Data BlendingIntermediate
In Database Workflows2018-12-04In-DBIntermediate
Prescriptive Optimization2018-11-26Advanced AnalyticsIntermediate2018.3
Core Certification Prep Part IV2018-11-19IntroBeginner2018.3
Introduction to Alteryx for Excel Users2018-11-13IntroBeginner2018.3
Core Certification Prep Part III2018-11-06Intro2018.3
Introduction to Regular Expressions2018-10-30Data ParsingIntermediate2018.3
Core Certification Prep Part II2018-10-16Data BlendingBeginner2018.3
Time Series Modeling2018-10-02Advanced AnalyticsIntermediate2018.3
Introduction to Reporting 2018 32018-09-18ReportingBeginner2018.3
What s New in 2018 32018-09-11IntroBeginner2018.3
Core Certification Prep Part I2018-08-28IntroBeginner2018.3
Tips and Tricks2018-08-28IntroBeginner2018.3
Alteryx for the SQL Analyst2018-08-23Data BlendingBeginner2018.2
Parsing Dates and Times2018-08-14Data ParsingIntermediate2018.2
Chained Applications2018-08-07ApplicationsAdvanced2018.2
Alteryx Gallery and Best Practices2018-07-31IntroBeginner2018.2
Advanced Certification Prep Session2018-07-24IntroAdvanced2018.2
Spatial Analytics for Intermediate Users2018-07-17SpatialIntermediate2018.2
Core Certification Prep Session2018-07-10IntroBeginner2018.2
Calgary Databases2018-06-25Data BlendingAdvanced2018.2
Running Totals and Weighted Averages2018-06-23Data AnalysisIntermediate2018.2
Alteryx Essentials2018-06-13Data BlendingBeginner2018.1
Understanding Data Types2018-05-29IntroBeginner2018.1
Alteryx Designer 1012018-05-19IntroBeginner11.0
Dynamic Inputs2018-05-09Data AnalysisIntermediate11.0
Alteryx Core Certification Preparation2018-05-08Data BlendingBeginner2018.1
Alteryx Essentials2018-05-02IntroBeginner11.8
Build Your First Iterative Macro2018-05-02MacrosIntermediate11.0
Analytic App Development for Intermediate Users2018-05-01ApplicationsIntermediate2018.1
Build Your First Batch Macro2018-04-18MacrosBeginner11.0
Your First In Database Workflow2018-04-17In-DBIntermediate2018.1
Parsing with Regular Expressions2018-04-14Data ParsingAdvanced2018.1
Underrated Tools in Alteryx2018-04-11Data AnalysisBeginner2018.1
Introduction to Prescriptive Optimization2018-04-10Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced2018.1
Calgary Databases2018-04-09IntroAdvanced
Data Blending for Beginners2018-03-20Data BlendingBeginner11.8
Reporting for Intermediate Users2018-03-13Data AnalysisIntermediate11.8
Cluster Analysis2018-02-27Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced11.3
Time Series Analysis2018-02-15Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced11.8
Regression Modeling2018-02-06Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced11.8
Data Investigation and Preparation2018-01-16Advanced AnalyticsBeginner11.8
Spatial Analytics for Beginning Users2018-01-16SpatialBeginner11.8
Santa s First Iterative Macro2017-12-19MacrosBeginner11.3
Introduction to Reporting2017-12-15IntroBeginner11.3
Harnessing Predictive Analytics for Employee2017-12-01Data AnalysisIntermediate11.3
Digital Marketing Insights with Google Analytics2017-11-17Data AnalysisAdvanced11.3
Retail Site Selection with Google Places API2017-11-10SpatialIntermediate11.3
Alteryx for SSIS Developers Presented by Slalom2017-11-03IntroIntermediate11.3
Alteryx Essentials2017-10-11IntroBeginner11.0
Alteryx Designer 1012017-08-02IntroBeginner11.0
Introduction to Reporting2017-07-11IntroBeginner11.3
Introduction to RegEx2017-06-27Data ParsingAdvanced11.0
Alteryx Essentials2017-06-21IntroBeginner11.0
Parsing for Intermediate Users2017-06-15Data ParsingIntermediate11.3
Running Totals and Weighted Averages2017-05-23Data AnalysisBeginner11.0
Getting Started with Batch Reporting2017-05-16Data AnalysisIntermediate11.0
Alteryx Essentials2017-05-10IntroBeginner11.0
Tips and Tricks I Never Knew That2017-04-25IntroIntermediate11.0
Data Types 1012017-04-11IntroBeginner11.0
Build Your First Macro2017-04-04MacrosBeginner11.0
Introduction to Building Macros2017-04-04MacrosBeginner11.8
Parsing with Regular Expressions2017-03-27Data ParsingIntermediate11.0
Introduction to Reporting2017-03-22IntroBeginner11.0
Parsing for Beginning Users2017-03-14Data ParsingBeginner10.5
Cluster Analysis Basics2017-03-07Advanced AnalyticsIntermediate11.0
Building a R Macro2017-02-28Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced11.0
Intro to Alteryx for Excel Users2017-02-27IntroBeginner10.5
Introduction to Applications2017-02-04ApplicationsBeginner10.5
In Database Tools2017-01-31In-DBIntermediate10.5
Prescriptive Optimization2017-01-24Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced10.5
Data Blending for Beginning Users2017-01-17Data BlendingBeginner10.5
Parsing Dates and Times2017-01-10Data ParsingIntermediate10.5
Tips and Tricks Underrated Tools2016-12-27IntroBeginner10.5
Introduction to Forecasting2016-12-20Advanced AnalyticsAdvanced10.5
Introduction to Fuzzy Matching2016-12-13Data BlendingBeginner10.5
Data Investigation Basics2016-11-29Data AnalysisIntermediate10.5
Intro to Experian ConsumerView Data2016-11-15Third-Party DataIntermediate10.5
Intermediate App Development2016-11-08ApplicationsIntermediate10.5
Intro to the D and B Data Package2016-10-25Third-Party DataAdvanced10.5
Spatial Analytics for Beginners2016-10-18SpatialBeginner10.5
Advanced Macro Development2016-09-27MacrosAdvanced10.5
Basic Parsing Methods2016-09-20IntroBeginner10.5
Financial Functions in Alteryx2016-09-13Data AnalysisIntermediate10.5
Understanding Data Types2016-08-16IntroBeginner10.5
Using the Data Cleansing Macro2016-08-09MacrosIntermediate10.5
The Favorites Tools2016-08-02IntroBeginner10.5
Fuzzy Matching Intermediate Users2016-07-26Data BlendingIntermediate10.5
Advanced Certification Prep Part ISpatialIntermediate
Born to Solve Chapter 1IntroBeginner
Born to Solve Chapter 2IntroBeginner
Getting Started with Alteryx DesignerData BlendingBeginner
Inspire Platform Training Know Before You GoAdvanced
Alteryx Partner

Hi @JoeM,


Can you please advise, how can I access the recordings of the past "Live Trainings"? Is that possible?

Or we can only see the recording of the ones we register to?


Best Regards.

Goncalo Pereira

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement


Sorry there was a delay on recording while I was OOO. Recording have been posted for all trainings since the new year.


Thank you!!

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Just a note, we will not be having a live training on 9/4/2018 due to it being the week of a U.S. holiday.


Hi @JoeM,


Will there be live trainings for 2019 also?