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Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
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Live Training: Chained Applications

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Experience Level: Advanced

Course Description: Sometimes a workflow needs the results from another workflow before it can run.  In this session, we'll see how easy it is to chain  apps so that when one finishes, the next app in the chain starts!


You’ll Learn:

•  Update tool interfaces based on app selections

•  Configure apps to run in sequential order


Date: 2018-08-07

Version: 2018.2

Presented by@ChristineB



Great training.  As you demonstrated, if you have a control populated within the same workflow by some tool upstream, it requires a run of the workflow to populate new values.  Unless I'm mistaken, if I then take the workflow and save it to the server that makes the interface list static, running the workflow from the server wouldn't update any new values for the interface.  Is that correct?

I guess chained apps would have limited functionality on the server unless you're saving them locally on the server (i.e. app 2 and app 3 on the server file system, and publish app1 to the server?)  And further, the list files created would also need to be stored in the server file structure to refresh properly.


Hi @ephij, after watching the webinar I got myself wondering with the same question. Hopefully @ChristineB can bring some light to this...

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

@ephij @mestevez  Great questions.  Regarding chained apps on the gallery, yes: all the assets would need to be available on the server.  By assets, we're talking supporting workflows (Apps 2, 3...however many are in your chain) as well as any files that are created in the process to update interface tools (like a file of values to populate a Drop Down).  We have an article that you may find helpful for more information!

Alteryx Certified Partner

@ChristineBif you are publishing a chained app to the gallery and using the output file approach, don't you run the risk of multiple users running the app at the same time and changing the file contents that had been set by a previous user? Would the app handle this situation cleanly? If not, it seems that you would need to create output files for each user, and have some sort of cleanup to avoid a proliferation of files. I'm trying to get a sense of the viability of using chaining for a multi-user app on the gallery.


Checking if you are able to get reply on this, I have similar concern, how it will work in gallery for multiple users?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Unfortunately, no I did not get a reply.