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Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
Watch videos on a variety of topics that range from beginner to advanced.
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Live Training: Alteryx Gallery and Best Practices

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Experience Level: Beginner

Course Description: Are people always coming to you for data requests? Have you built workflows that others need to run? Learn how to publish your workflows to the Gallery so others can be self-sufficient with their requests and users can run Alteryx apps from a simple web interface.


You’ll Learn How to:

  • How to easily link together the tasks you need to process your data
  • Build workflows once and then execute whenever needed

Date: 2018-07-31

Version: 2018.2

Presented by@ChristineB


Thanks Christine,


Very informative...some follow up questions:


1) Please confirm, a workflow is not really added to a collection...the collection has "a link" to the underlying workflow in the private studio. Furthermore, one cannot make changes to the workflow "in the collection".  Any changes have to be done in the private studio.


2) Please confirm, the only difference between a workflow in "the home section" and in a "District" is that a workflow in a "District" is associated with "a tag". They are open for all to see in the company's gallery.




Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

Hi @JohnBell


Great questions! 


1) You are correct in that the workflow in your private studio is "linked" to the Collection in which you're sharing that workflow. Changes to the original workflow must be done in your Studio.  To make sure that everyone is using the version of the workflow you intend for them to use, make sure that other users are either a) part of your studio or b) you remove and re-share the workflow with the collection. 


2)  Again, correct!  The only difference between workflows you see on your "Home" section and those that appear in your Districts is the categorization tag.  Placing workflows in a District does not enforce any kind of access limitation.  Workflows in Districts are publicly accessible to the members of your organization. 


Hope that helps! 


Thanks Christine!


Yes, very helpful...


The last part on your reply to #1 "you remove and re-share the workflow with the collection"...has lead to another question. 


If I have a workflow in my private studio that I am sharing via a collection, and I make a change to that workflow and I save it back to my private studio (now it is version 2).  Are you saying the viewer of the collection still sees version 1 of that workflow?  I would assume the viewer of the collection would see the "most recent version", and that the "link" is workflow centric and not version centric.


Can you please clarify...Thank you very much!




I have missed the session where i can get copy of recorded session




Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

@JohnBell, another great question!  I should have clarified to say that users will see the most recently published version of an app/workflow/macro in a collection.  So, let's say you make a change to an app you've shared in a collection.  When publishing that app to your studio, you'll want to check if the setting indicated below is selected.  If the changes to your app are going to be published, then your users will see those changes in the collection.  If it's deselected, your users will continue to see the most recently published version, which is not your latest version of your app in your studio.  To clarify, make sure that the most recent version of your app that you want users to access is also the published version!  

setting.pngSetting in the Save As window when saving an app to the Gallery




Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

@ajay1998  No problem!  We'll have this session rendered and posted in a few days.  


Christine, will the second portion of the training be posted also?  It looks like the first 14 minutes is there but not the rest of the training... during the training, you had to re-start the recording so maybe that's why it's just the first 14 minutes right now?   Anyway, the second portion is the part I'd like to re-watch... it was excellent and just the training I need. 

Thank you for all you do and Go Alteryx!!!!

Sr. Instructional Designer
Sr. Instructional Designer

@Suzanne  thanks for letting me know!  We're looking into it! 

Alteryx Partner

Please let me know when the second part is uploaded. We are launching gallery in our org.