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Alteryx Tips and Tricks: Easter Eggs!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

In this series, we're highlighting some of the most popular Alteryx Designer tips and tricks!



Did you know Alteryx has several hidden Easter Eggs? Take a break from building workflows and play some retro arcade games built right into Designer. Read on to see where to find them. These nuggets can all be accessed by different clicks on the help> about menu.


Pong and Space Invaders



Double click the Alteryx Designer logo to Launch Retro games. This command will alternate between Pong and Space Invaders.


Data Breaker



Same idea as above but with a slight change in command. Hit Control + Double Click the Alteryx Designer logo to launch Data Breaker.


Videos produced by @mikecusic  and @MaddieJ . Special thanks to @MargaritaW , @JessicaS  & @HenrietteH for these original tips and tricks.