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Note: We are putting a new process in place. Please have this form submitted 15 or more business days before your meeting date.
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With the meeting theme and speakers decided, it’s time to schedule your meeting! You can create a user group meeting even on, along with tracking attendance. Eventbrite allows you to share the meeting on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Meetup can also help with scheduling a meeting and tracking who will and won’t attend. In addition, it provides you with a group mailing list and a place to store shared files (such as presentations).   Email Announcement to current User Group Members Alteryx owns the official User Group Roster because of confidentiality agreements. However, Alteryx wants to help promote your group! Once you have your event scheduled we’ll add your User Group meeting to Events @ Alteryx. Alteryx will also contact the users in your area announcing the User Group host and information. Please submit the Alteryx User Group Leaders Meeting Request Form with all the event details 3 weeks prior to your meeting.   Share, Share, Share! Create a fun #hashtag for all your posts. Make promoting your User Group fun and memorable!   Almost there! Last steps are to make sure you are prepared for your meeting:   Have you efficiently marketed your event? ·         Have you filled out your Alteryx User Group Leaders Meeting Request Form? ·         Do you have a plan for reminders in place once the date gets closer?   Have you collected all of your presenters’ slides ahead of time? ·         Collect slides to create a deck and email out to your presenters with a thank you confirmation.   Are name tags prepared to give out at your meeting? ·         See page 4 for directions on name tags   Check-In set up ·         Pull RSVP List from EventBrite or MeetUp and use for Check-In.   Show up at meeting site early to test A/V  
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