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Find tips to make the most of your User Group experience.

Local use case sharing and content generating isn’t just limited to your user groups. Did you know that community.alteryx.com is chock full of content? Here are some suggested blogs and workflows that you can share with your User Group via the User Group page or during your meetings.   Blogs: Check out the blogs section on community.alteryx.com In the blogs section explore the Read More Section or the Engine Works Blog.   The Engine Works Blog is a great place for the most current and up to date tips and tricks created by our in house Alteryx experts! Under the Read More section, you will find great content from our friends, users just like you! Here are some cool blogs to get you started:   Invisio Blog with Daniel Brun  Interworks Blog with Michael Treadwell  VizWiz Blog with Andy Kriebel    Posting and Sharing an Article: Once you find an article that you like, simply copy and paste the URL to a new message on your User Group page. Don’t forget to write a quick summary of that article! A summary can simply be, “why did you find this article interesting?” or “how does this article relate to a past or current user group meeting”   Weekly Exercises: Want to build a workflow in person at your next meeting? Look no further, simply search “Weekly Exercises” and you find many different exercises that were hand crafted by our Solutions Engineers. Take some of these exercises and share at your next meeting or even on your User Group page.
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