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Using EventBrite for your User Group Meeting

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

So you want to create your own EventBrite... how exciting! Creating an EventBrite is best way to get a snapshot of who has registered for your User Group meeting, and how many attendees you can expect.


Not sure how to get started? You've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a guide for how to create and publish an event for your next meeting.




Let's get started on creating a new event from scratch: 


  1. Request access to the Alteryx EventBrite account by reaching out to @LaurenU , @ChrisS , or @CatherineM 
  2. EventBrite will send you an email with instructions for getting set up
  3. “Create Event”
  4. Fill out Event Details
  5. Add an Event Image



Add Image.JPG



5. Event Description

  • Add your agenda, important reminders, security and parking information
  • Standard messaging to get you started:

Alteryx User Groups enable peers to connect, share best practices, and improve skill sets that help maximize their potential with Alteryx.



5:00-5:10: Welcome & Introductions

5:10-5:40: Use Case Presentation

5:40-6:10: Alteryx Connect Demonstration

6:10-6:40: Alteryx Certification Program

6:40-7:00: Q&A and Networking



Tip: Use the “Add FAQs” feature to see a template of FAQs.


6. Select your User Group in “Organizer Name"


organizer name single.png



7. Create Tickets > Free Ticket > Fill out Ticket Name as “RSVP"

8. Fill in Quantity available

  • Set quantity based on space available at your location

9. Select “Actions” > Ticket Settings


ticket settings.png



10. Specify dates of when “Ticket Sales Start” and “Ticket Sales End”

 ticket settings_Sale start end.JPG


Tip: Set your date end based on if you need to submit a roster to the front desk/security. CA Team usually closes dates 1-2 days before a meeting


11. Additional Settings: Set up your Event Type and Event Topic


Pro-Tip: Use “remaining tickets” if you have limited seating


12. Make your event live!



Managing EventBrite

Read on for more tips and tricks for working with EventBrite to get the most out of managing your event:


Event Dashboard



Order Options

Edit and customize RSVP information, manage your waitlist, change the event language, etc.


Order Form

  • Set the collection type on “Each Attendee” to allow customization of information based on ticket type
  • Select “Create Question” > Add your custom question
  • Select the following:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email Address
    • Company/Organization
    • Work Address
    • Phone
    • Deselect Home phone
  • Save!
  • Tip: Custom add your own questions! Survey members before your meeting.


add a custom question.png

Order Options.JPG


order form.JPG





Waitlist Settings > Enable Waitlist > Update “Maximum Waitlist Size”, “Attendee Information to Collect”, “Time to Repond”, “Auto-Response Message”, and “Waitlist Ticket Release Message”


Invite & Promote: 

Email invitations



Event Reports > Attendee Summary > Export


Manage Attendees

  • Add Attendees
  • Add on last minute parties manually. Select quantity > continue > fill out information on registration page
  • Attendee List


You can even download the EventBrite App on your phone! (iPhone or Android)


If you have any questions, please reach out to @LaurenU, @ChrisS or @CatherineM . Now go forth and learn local!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@MaddieJ Thanks for making this dummyproof! It really helped when I filled out the EventBrite today.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@patrick_digan  Yay! I'm so glad it helped!

5 - Atom

@MaddieJ Is there an updated canva template with the new style user group image as attached? Any help would be really appreciated!  user-group.jpg

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Michieli the link has been updated!


New Canva Design