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Starting an Internal Alteryx User Group

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

UPDATED: 5/19/2020


What is an Internal Alteryx User Group?

An opportunity for Alteryx users to meet internally within their organization to share use cases, workflows, tips & tricks and best practices. An internal Alteryx User Group enables users to connect with peers in other teams, departments and offices in their organization to gain insights on how to leverage Alteryx.


How often do users meet and what are topics of discussion?

Internal Alteryx User Groups get together quarterly or monthly for one hour in-person and/or via WebEx, Skype or Microsoft Teams. Meeting frequency does vary so it’s recommended to survey the user base. See below for link to the Internal Playbook that contains many resources to get you started!


Let’s Get Started!

Here are the steps to launch your Internal User Group:

  1. Build a User Group Leadership Committee: Get a group of Alteryx enthusiasts to collaborate and lead, think about having User Group leaders representing different departments
  2. Download Internal Playbook: Quarterly updated resources designed to help you and your leadership stay organized: Meeting Deck, Speaker Deck, Meeting Announcement Template and Meeting Recap Template
  3. Connect Alteryx users internally: Create an internal community (Slack, Private LinkedIn Group, or Internal Intranet) so users can collaborate before and after meetings and to stay up to date on past and future meetings.
  4. Survey Alteryx users: Determine desired topics, current benefits, challenges and meeting frequency. 
  5. Plan Meetings: Follow the Internal Playbook - Meeting Deck


Best Practices: How to make your user group fun, engaging, and ensure growth

  • Constantly poll your attendees
    • Most commonly individuals stop attending because the user group is not valuable to their needs.
  • Set expectations with the attendees
    • The user group is for all Alteryx users within your organization. The Internal User Group is a community. It's a safe space for all to come together to ask questions and learn from each other. Although the user group leaders plan and execute meetings, the community needs to participate to help provide direction and content (speakers).
    • This is very important to discuss at each meeting as it will help secure future speakers and topics.
  • Think 5 steps ahead
    • Plan meetings for the entire year to provide the best chance for high attendance.
    • Always be looking for presenters. 
    • Think about a contingency plan for the leadership team if a leader needs to step away from the group. 
  • Make meetings fun
    • We recommend incorporating trivia or live polling during virtual meetings. Kahoot! and Mentimeter have been very popular platforms to use.
    • Utilizing Alteryx Academy and the Weekly Challenges to challenge and up level Alteryx skills.
      • Tip: Challenge the user group to complete the weekly challenge before meetings. Discuss at the meeting results.
    • Use the power of swag to encourage behaviors
      • Challenge the group to complete a weekly challenge and select 3 winners
      • Pick 5 names from attendees who filled out a meeting survey


Questions? DM: @LaurenU 


All the best,

User Group Team

Alteryx Partner

I'd like to setup one for finance analytics,

risk analytics, for banking and insurance professionals to benefit especially...

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Atabarezz, Sounds great! We have similar best practices for industry user groups. I'll follow-up.

Alteryx Partner

Thanks Taylor,


  • I've done credit analytics for SME's and corporates,
  • behavioral segmentation for banks
  • credit card data analytics for payment systems,
  • Insurance claims analytics for car insurance,
  • psychometric credit risk assessments for retail banking,
  • Investment portfolio optimizations for wealth tech


so willing to share a lot...

8 - Asteroid

i would like setup one for our Internal group In Juniper Networks Bangalore. Can you please help me in this.





HI @Tharashasank!


Thank you so much for reaching out. Internal User Groups are a great way of connecting colleagues to share knowledge and best practices. I will reach out to you directly to learn more.

13 - Pulsar

I figure I should advertise our new internal user group:


AYX NKE license plate.jpg


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@T_Willins - this is an AWESOME license plate. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

5 - Atom
I'm interested in creating an internal user group and would like some guidance. The objective is to share ideas and best practices .