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Welcome & Guidelines

Find tips to make the most of your User Group experience.


How to Build a User Group

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Welcome to the Alteryx User Group Community! Thank you for your interest and dedication to lead members of your community closer to analytic freedom. Here are some quick tips and best practices to help support your new group.


Starting a new User Group

Interested in a User Group that is not located in your area? No problem! If you are interested in starting a User Group, contact the Alteryx Customer Experience Team. The Customer Experience Team, will then help you find other strong users in your community to join the User Group Leadership Committee. Typically we see User Groups run by a Committee of 3 to 7 User Group Leaders. In the beginning, our goal is to have you and your team collaborate.


User Group Example: The DC User Group has 4 leaders and they are each going to be assigned the job of organizing one of the quarterly meetings.


Your Role – User Group Leader

That’s you! The role of the User Group Leader is simple, you are here to energize, inspire, empower and lead your community. The User Group Leadership Committee, is in charge of coordinating quarterly meetings in their community. The User Group Leadership Committee, is supported by the Alteryx Customer Experience Team.


Check List for starting a new User Group:

☐ Create an Alteryx User Group on Community 

We created the User Group pages on Alteryx Community with the User Groups in mind. Alteryx has listened to User Group Leaders from around the world and wanted to create a centralized location for all your needs. To create a new User Group page on Community, contact the Customer Experience Team.


☐ Pick a date for an informal get-together. 

Your meeting is easy to organize: make it an informal get-together, rather than a formal meeting with a pre-arranged agenda or speakers. You might want to arrange to meet at a bar, a coffee shop, the library, or similar public venue. Do you have a local college or university with an MBA program, Stats or Business Economics department? They may be able to provide a meeting area.

☐ Get people to your get-together

Promote your new group! An easy way is through word-of-mouth to other Alteryx users you know locally. Social networking sites like Community, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can also help.

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Hi @LaurenU


I was curious if you know anyone that has had any instances where an internal user group is more beneficial than a "normal/external" user group? I'm in the situation where there is no internal user group and it looks like the group in my area is not active (so, as a whole we/I could benefit from establishing/re-establishing either) i'd love to know what obstacles/advice anyone has to get these up and running- or finding the right way to figure out if more people could benefit from either of them? 






Hi @DerangedVisions, I love your question and I have answers for you.


In some cases, Internal User Groups become more beneficial than a normal/external group. The obvious being, you can share private information at your meetings. I have also heard and seen great things come from Internal meetings, these meetings are a good way to get to know your fellow Alteryx users at you organization. If you are also looking to expand Alteryx usage at your organization an Internal User Group is also the way to go. 


We have learned from experience that local User Groups are successful when groups:

  1. Have 3-5 User Group leaders to drive meetings and to excite their local community
  2. Diverse group of companies in different industries to add variety is a plus
  3. Interest from the local community (you need people to back up your efforts, who da thought?) 🙂 
  4. Groups meet on a quarterly cadence. Groups stick to holding meetings (no cancellations or reschedules) when they are scheduled. Our groups who are active tend to meet frequently and stick to meeting no matter the circumstances. This helps build rapport with your community.   


If you are interested in reviving this group, I am more than happy to support you along the way. We definitely can review the history of your local group and see if we can overcome the challenges. The User Group team has shifted our focus from creating as many groups as possible to providing quality user groups that host productive and fruitful meetings every quarter. 


If you are interested in getting the local group up let me know if you want to connect! If you think that getting an internal group started is beneficial, please reach out to @MaddieJ, she helps support the Internal groups. Hope this was useful to you. 

Alteryx Partner



Thanks for the super fast reply! This is extremely helpful information!


We are about to begin our Alteryx Enablement Series internally with the help of our CSM from Alteryx- I will reach out to @MaddieJ after we get it going - as it will give me a little more insight on interest within the organization.


Thanks again for the quick reply - always excited to find more people like me who are interested and excited about how much Alteryx can do and be able to discuss use cases/troubleshoot together as a massive team 🙂 (wish me luck!)








Sounds good, thanks @DerangedVisions! Reach out to me anytime as I'd be happy to chat with you more about getting an Internal User Group going.


Good luck, and talk soon! Smiley Happy