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Alteryx for Good & User Groups

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



Alteryx for Good & User Group Volunteer Week: April 23rd, 2017-April 29th, 2017


What is Alteryx for Good?
At Alteryx, we’re passionate about giving back to worthy causes and invite you to join us in doing good.  Together, we can significantly impact our communities and the lives of others. 

Alteryx for Good provides the state-of-the-art analytic platform for educators, students, nonprofit organizations and local government entities to be better analysts, enabling their information to make an impact and influence social change.

Our program is empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  We’re for cause, passion, and the power of sharing.


What is Alteryx for Good Volunteer Week (April 23rd-April 29th)?
A worldwide event encouraging Alteryx User Groups to give back to their local communities through volunteering activities and sharing their Alteryx data analytic software expertise to enhance their charity’s mission.  An opportunity to demonstrate passion and devotion to the betterment of their local communities where they work and live.

By connecting our Alteryx User Groups with their local communities, Alteryx Users can show their charitable counterparts how to transform their information to make better engagement, fundraising, advocacy, and program decisions based on their data through Alteryx analytic tools. Participation is all voluntary, Alteryx users and User Group leaders can volunteer as little or as often works with their schedules.



How much time do I have to dedicate?

  • Time is at your discretion. Participation is voluntarily and hours are flexible.

Can I use company volunteer hours?

  • Some employers offer programs to support volunteering efforts. We recommend checking if your employer offers volunteering programs.

Do I have to volunteer in person?

  • We highly encourage you to go out, volunteer physically, and support your local community by giving back as a team.

When is Alteryx for Good Volunteer Week?

  • Volunteer week is April 23-29.

How do I select a Foundation at the User Group Meeting?

  • Everyone can recommend a foundation. The User Group Leadership committee and/or the Alteryx User Group selects a foundation they would like to establish a relationship with.
  • User Groups may select 1 of the 26 foundations with an Alteryx License. See list below.
  • Luvin Arms AFG Volunteering blog – Tara McCoy, Alteryx, goes into depth of how she was able to use her Alteryx knowledge to help find a permanent home for Luvin Arms.

 Who do I contact with questions?

What do I do after I select my foundation?

  • Make sure that their operating income doesn’t exceed $10M in order to qualify for a free AFG License. Sign up for a account to check their financials – it’s free!
  • Reach out to the foundation and obtain a main of contact.
  • Direct the contact at the foundation to fill out the application for their Alteryx Designer license.
  • AFG Committee will review their request within 1-2 business days.
  • The AFG and fulfillment team will send them their license key and online resources to onboard them.

Help Wanted: Current AFG Approved Foundations




Luvin Arms

Erie, CO


Music for All Inc.

Indianapolis, IN


Kids Play International

Park City, UT

Child Development

The Commit! Partnership

Dallas, TX

Child Development

Council for Exceptional Children

Arlington, VA

Child Development

Best Beginnings

London, UK

Child Development


Indianapolis, IN

Community Relief

Baton Rouge Food Bank

Baton Rouge, LA

Community Relief

Washougal, WA


Community Empowerment Fund

Chapel Hill, NC


FIRST Washginton

Kent, WA


Finger Lakes Performing Provider System*

Rochester, NY


Pequeno Cottolengo

Quintero, Chile



Paris, France


Denver Health and Hospitals Authority

Denver, CO


Stiftung Wagerenhof

Uster, Switzerland


Gary and Mary West Health Institute

San Diego, CA


Lava Mae

San Francisco, CA


Pathways of Hope

Fullerton, CA


Strategies to End Homelessness

Cincinnati, OH


Dan Church Aid

Copenhagen, Denmark

International Relief

De Zibla and Samy Inc

Lithonia, GA

International Relief


Contact your local Alteryx User Group to help positively impact your community. Need an AFG Licenese or know a foundation you would like to recommend go to: Alteryx For Good.



Email Template for reaching out to Foundation

Hi my name is [Insert Name] and I am from [Insert Alteryx User Group].

I currently use Alteryx, a software analytics tool that helps clean, prep, blend data to help me generate a greater and faster output with my projects. Alteryx User Groups are independent volunteer organizations created, organized and run by users who get together locally throughout the year.

Our Alteryx User Group would like to reach out to see if there are upcoming opportunities to volunteer and also share expertise and experience with data prep and blending and introduce how Alteryx can further your mission to [insert their mission here].

I look forward to hearing from you and how our Alteryx User Group can help the integration of Alteryx within your organization. For more information about our group, please visit our user group page at:


[Insert Name]




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@ToriA and @QuyenT are here to help! Write a comment here!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks for putting this together-- I am extremely excited about this opportunity for the UG community! Granted the shoe-string budget at most NFPs, software is often a scary thing because of the price tag. As such, it may help to mention the potential for a free license in the outreach email. Can we mention that in our outreach emails? 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @Harbinger! Thank you for the feedback and excited you are looking forward to utilizing this opportunity! 🙂


Yes you may mention the potential to a free license in the outreach email.

Alteryx Certified Partner


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @LaurenU,


Do you have an updated list of Foundations looking for help?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hey @QuyenT, do we have a new list?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

I'm piecing it together! Stay tuned!

11 - Bolide

@LaurenU  - Thanks for creating this page , just wondering if we have an updated list or is there any AFG approved foundations in Sydney? I am aware of the RXP Group & AFG Data Challenge but that seems slightly different .

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@ram_neel , thanks for the question. At the point, we don't have a solid updated list, however the AFG team is working on some exciting updates coming very soon. I'll make sure to connect with you and the other Sydney leaders once that has been completed. 

11 - Bolide

@LaurenU  - That sounds great! thanks once again 🙂