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transportation + Logistics

Welcome to the Alteryx Transportation + Logistics User Group!

Transportation and Logistics companies face a number of challenges – moving a diversified portfolio of goods to an ever-expanding marketplace, fluctuating fuel and fleet costs, global infrastructure and the constant consumer expectation to transport items faster and more transparently.With self-service data analytics from Alteryx, you can - maximize route operations, analyze accident data, predict part failure, minimize fuel costs, etc.

Please join us in sharing experiences, best practices and knowledge.

User Group Leaders:

William Chan Issac Otto John Thompson

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2018 Q4 Transportation User Group Meeting Recap

Good Day Alteryx Transportation UG Members!


We are very close to the holiday season, only about a week and a half to go! As we all know it gets extremely busy around this time of year. We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our Q4 Transportation User Group session earlier this week!


Additional thanks to our talented speakers, Sergiu Ispas, Revenue Management Analyst II from Alaska Airlines, and Nick Smith, Solutions Engineer from Alteryx.




(view in My Videos)




We began the meeting with Sergiu’s use case: Maximizing Airline Revenue Through Targeted Overbooking. Sergiu explained the reasons and sensitivities behind overbooking and how he strives to find that balance between making revenues for the airline and ensuring top customer satisfaction.  The full presentation and recording are available for replay.





Following the use case, a few announcements were made:

  • Inspire will be taking place on June 10-14, 2019 in Nashville, TN. Alteryx is looking for speakers with use cases! If you are interested in presenting, please submit your request to the Alteryx Community Team by Friday, January 4th, 2019. If selected, you will receive a free pass to Inspire 2019!
  • If you missed any meetings, you can catch all recordings right on the Alteryx Community Page. All Industry User Group meetings are recorded and are available for replay.
  • For those Alteryx geeks who love to experiment, Alteryx has a BETA program where you can apply to test out the latest features and provide feedback!
  • Recently, Alteryx started an analytics podcast called Alter.Everything. Our very own Heather Harris was on the 1st Feel free to check out all episodes which are available on Community.



Our 2nd use case was on Predicting Failure Trends to Save Time and $$. Nick provided a real live example of a customer that uses Market Basket Analysis to associate part failures. Using this prescriptive correlation, the maintenance team can then optimize their maintenance schedule to limit downtime and future failures. The last step after the analysis was to output it to a Tableau dashboard.



The Transportation User Group is always looking for speakers who would like to share their use cases. If presenting to our Global audience interests you, please get in touch with Chris Shernaman at


Let us know the topics you'd be interested in and what you are looking forward to most from this user group. Take a few moments to fill out our survey:


William Chan | @WilliamChan | LinkedIn

Alteryx Transportation and Montreal User Group Co-Leader

Business Analyst, Distribution and Payments | Air Canada