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Toronto, ON

By joining this group, you can connect with other Alteryx users across Toronto and the GTA. Group members can ask and respond to questions, access links to events, share tips, best practices and examples, and stay up to date on the Alteryx user community in Toronto.

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My pleasure. Happy to be a part of this awesome community.

AbuBakar Mahmood
Director of Finance
Phone: (519) 661-0190 ext. 6457

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Hi @pankajk,


I would be happy to present some of this things I'm working on with Alteyrx. My use cases vary quite a bit but I'd be happy to present on any of the following:
- App creation and deployment (I have over 40 apps utilized by end users in various departments)

- Using Alteryx to prep data for Tableau

- Shipping Network Analysis

- Email Automation

- Using Google Sheets in Alteryx jobs

- Macro creation


I get into town Sunday November 24 and leave Saturday November 30, so anytime during the week would be great! Feel free to message me privately for my contact information.


Great, all your use cases are perfect for presentation to the audience.

Generally, our UG meetings are on Thursdays.


I have sent you a private message and we can connect sometime in early October or so once we have finalized that date (and hopefully it works for you). 


Thanks again for sharing interest both in attending as well as presenting!!

@BuQu sounds like a cool usecase!! We would be happy to learn more about it. Would you be ok to present at the September 19th User Group Meeting?

Let us know!!

Thanks for taking the initiative!!
Shshank Chawathay
Hi Megan,

Welcome to Toronto Alteryx Usergroup community. It's too early to committ for UG meeting at this time but more than happy to catch up and learn about how you are #alteringeverything over a coffe when you are in town. Hopefully other UG leaders and members can join too