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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

The Tool Mastery Series is a compilation of Knowledge Base contributions that introduce diverse working examples for Designer Tools. We've organized the links below to help you on your journey to mastering the Alteryx Designer!



Browse.png Browse
Date Time Now.png Date Time Now
Directory.png Directory
Input Data.png Input Data
Output Data.png Output Data
Text Input.png Text Input


Auto Field.png Auto Field
Data Cleansing.png Data Cleansing
Filter.png Filter
Formula.png Formula
Generate Rows.png Generate Rows
Multi-Field Formula.png Multi-Field Formula
Multi-Row Formula.png Multi-Row Formula
Record ID.png Record ID
Sample.png Sample
Select.png Select
Sort.png Sort
Tile.png Tile
Unique.png Unique


Append Fields.png Append Fields
Find Replace.png Find Replace
Fuzzy Match.png Fuzzy Match
Join.png Join
Join Multiple.png Join Multiple
Make Group.png Make Group
Union.png Union


DateTime.png DateTime
RegEx.png RegEx
Text To Columns.png Text To Columns


Arrange.png Arrange
Cross Tab.png Cross Tab
Running Total.png Running Total
Summarize.png Summarize
Transpose.png Transpose


Charting.png Charting
Email.png Email
Image.png Image
Insight.png Insight
InteractiveChart.png Interactive Chart
Layout.png Layout
Render.png Render
Report Footer.png Report Footer
Report Header.png Report Header
Report Map.png Report Map
Report Text.png Report Text
Table.png Table


Comment.png Comment
Explorer Box.png Explorer Box
Tool Container.png Tool Container


Create Points.png Create Points
Distance.png Distance
Find Nearest.png Find Nearest
Spatial Info.png Spatial Info
Trade Area.png Trade Area


Action.png Action
Apps and Macros.png Apps and Macros
Check Box.png Check Box
Control Parameter.png Control Parameter
Date.png Date
Drop Down.png Drop Down
Error Message.png Error Message
Macro Input.png Macro Input
Numeric UpDown.png Numeric Up Down
Radio Button.png Radio Button

Data Investigation

Association Analysis.png Association Analysis
Basic Data Profile.png Basic Data Profile
Contingency Table.png Contingency Table
Field Summary.png Field Summary
Histogram.png Histogram
Pearson Correlation.png Pearson Correlation

Boosted Model.png Boosted Model
Decision Tree.png Decision Tree
Forest Model.png Forest Model
Linear Regression.png Linear Regression
Logistic Regression.png Logistic Regression
Neural Network.png Neural Network
Score.png Score
Test of Means.png Test of Means

Time Series
TS Filler.png TS Filler
TS Plot.png TS Plot

Predictive Grouping
Append Cluster.png Append Cluster
K-Centroids Cluster Analysis.png K-Centroids Cluster Analysis
K-Centroids Diagnostics.png K-Centroids Diagnostics

Optimization.png Optimization

S3 Upload and Download.png Amazon S3 Upload and Download
Download.png Download
One Drive_input.png One Drive

Blob Convert.png Blob Convert
Block Until Done.png Block Until Done
Dynamic Input.png Dynamic Input
Dynamic Rename.png Dynamic Rename
Dynamic Replace.png Dynamic Replace
Dynamic Select.png Dynamic Select
Field Info.png Field Info
Message.png Message
Python.png Python
Run Command.png Run Command

Visual Layout.png Visual Layout

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20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

 Awesome work @MattD!

I love Alteryx and that means, I love the employees that make up the Alteryx team.  The idea to create an index of "weekly challenges" was a great addition and motivator for us to participate and lots of new folks are taking the challenge(s)!  After @TaraM unveiled her Periodic Table (with help from @AdamR_AYX) I thought of creating a Tool Mastery matrix and drafted a workflow to group the documents from the Knowledge Base and passed the workflow artifacts to friends there and WOW!   Great job in improving an idea for the betterment of the community.





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you, @MarqueeCrew!! Without your brilliant idea and proof of concept to piggyback off of, we wouldn't have known where to start! It's folks like you that make our work so easy - and even more rewarding.




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Brilliant stuff @MattD - this was much needed, and you've done a great job of this!

9 - Comet

This is fantastic, thank you.  I would love to see more of these series in the knowledge base and laid out in index form like this.  Well-documented help guides are invaluable for engaging my internal users, and give our learning groups a syllabus to work off of.  


While it is much smaller than the tool mastery series, it would be great if the CS Macro Dev series was similarly documented and also fleshed out a bit more.  There is so much power in developing Alteryx macros and it is an intimidating and thus under-utilized part of the software for my users.  For example, I was unaware for quite some time that I could use all of the interface tools to create more dynamic macros and thought their use was restricted to analytic apps.  Making users more aware of all of these options in a learning series would help expose all of the power under the hood of Alteryx.  

5 - Atom

@MattD Great consolidation. Thank You for this awesome documentation 

13 - Pulsar

Just a quick reminder (I learned this the hard way recently) , that the Filter tool works differently to the Filter In-DB tool


Filter tool - all records that evaluate to 1 (ie TRUE) are T and all other records are F (ie FALSE)

Filter In-DB tool - all records that evaluate to 1 (ie TRUE) are T; all records that evaluate to 0 (ie FALSE) are F and all other records are ignored and are not output by the filter at all.

6 - Meteoroid

Very useful place to get functionality knowledge

7 - Meteor

Excellent resource, thanks @MattD.


To know how to better direct users to each link, based on which tools their workflows are using, I'm trying to build this:


Will update you about/if it works Smiley Very Happy



This is fantastic! 

7 - Meteor

The list needs to be updated, it will help if you update with the list of tools that have added newly like Map Legend Splitter Tool & Map Legend Builder Tool

8 - Asteroid

I like this idea of maintaining the index for the content. Mark the indices and then make your way to the particular tool you want to go at. Inspired from this idea, our team is also employing similar idea in our project. (just wanted to share that). 



Hi, the Cross Tab Tool Mastery page appears to be broken. Please could someone take a look?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Ah MattD, I have rediscovered this after losing my bookmark and not digging it out in a while and I still love this page. Thank you for keeping it here! S*

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @MattD,

I loved this index. So big part of Alteryx knowledge in one place. I love it! 

7 - Meteor

I Should have given this a look, before my CORE Exam. Missed by a percent.

5 - Atom

This is fantastic, thank you. 

5 - Atom

Sooooo Needed This Tool "Kit" - Thank you so much for posting!!

7 - Meteor

This is really a great help for the beginners, great work. Thank you

7 - Meteor

Great Consolidation

5 - Atom

Very useful

5 - Atom

Great work it is very helpful for beginners to know about all palette.