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Second Alteryx user group meeting

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi everyone, 


We're in the process of organizing the second user group meeting sometime beginning of April (most likely in Hoofddorp).


We're working on the agenda and would like to ask for your input to make sure the programme is interesting to as many people as possible. 


Here are some possible topics we thought of, which emerged during the first user group meeting and discussions with Lauren who supports us from Alteryx side.


Possible topics:

  • Everyone to present use cases
  • Send a problem to discuss within the group
  • Discuss on how to drive change management based on data and make impactful recommendations
  • Going deep into one workflow and understand the pain points
  • Design process for workflows that are pushed to other users


Presentation topics by Alteryx:

  • New enhancements in Alteryx 11
  • Predictive analytics & use cases
  • Alteryx for good
  • Retail use cases
  • Understand how Alteryx scales with big data in database (walkthrough by user group attendee with experience)
  • Tips and tricks
  • Query directly in database


What of the above would you like to see as part of the agenda?

Are there any other topics not listed above that you would like to tackle?


Thanks in advance for your feedback and I hope to see you at the user group meeting.





Would be interested in Predictive Analytics Use Cases & Alteryx 11


(use cases of) the new in-DB connectors in Alteryx 11.