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Tax, Audit + Office of Finance

Welcome to the Alteryx Tax, Audit + Office of Finance User Group!

This user group is for anyone who works with money in their data. Maybe you're in the finance or accounting department at your organization, or maybe you use Alteryx to analyze tax and audit data. Perhaps you work at a bank or are a consultant in the financial sector. No matter who you work for or what your title is - if there's money in your data, this user group is for you.

Please join us in sharing experiences, best practices and knowledge.

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Foster King Rohit SomaniAlejandra LyonMarie Hibbert

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Various instances of implementing Alteryx for sales and use tax purposes


Hi everyone!

I have been using Alteryx for about 5 months now.  I am currently using Alteryx for data manipulation and prepping returns for filing, verifying tax rates, and analyzing revenue vs taxable revenue for our various entities.   I would love to know how others are using Alteryx in the sales/use tax world.  I enjoy the sales tax exemption topic.  Is anyone using workflows for accruals, fixed assets, or auditing?






Hi Rebecca,


I'm from México and I have been using Alteryx for a couple of months and my first workflows are related to the income tax basis determination and it has been really helpful.




Hi There!

We started using it for Audits related to Sales & Use Tax (work in progress). but there are other activities that we will potentially start working on automating that are non-value added like the verification of tax rates. Happy to have a conversation if you would like.



Alejandra Lyon

Hi All,

We are relatively new to Alteryx.  We use Alteryx to check invoices for certain conditions after sales/use tax is calculated by our ERP and third party indirect tax system.  Since many issues are due to the incorrect combination of values (i.e. Ship To Locations, Purchasing Categories,...), we have a workflow that isolates these instances.  It helps us identify the problem items in a quick and efficient manner compared to using excel where we had to combine files and use filters and vlookups. Since we work with 25K to 30K per month, utilizing the repeatable workflow in Alteryx has saved us many hours each month of manual effort. 


Rebecca -


I've been creating workflows to make use tax determinations based on previous purchases, audit results, and various research elements.  A poor mans tax determination engine if you will.  We also created workflows that take our various source data and consolidate, manipulate, summarize, and etc. in order to deliver the values that we then file on the return (by line in some instances)


We are very close to no longer needing excel for our entire S&U filing process  (old habits die hard).


For S&U audits we join the auditors sample with our various research elements mentioned above and again make a tax determination to deliver to the auditor why we think something is non-taxable (or taxable).   We have considered using Alteryx to validate the sample process and results, but we haven't gone that far yet.


For assets we haven't done anything yet.  But our success in S&U filing process automation has made assets and PPT filings our next target.  The plan is to create upload data file for our PPT software for both fixed and expensed assets.   In theory those data files could be used to generate data for returns, but the software handles that already.


We are also in process of developing plans for our state income tax filings, and other tax filings that are currently dependent on Excel.