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Recap: Alteryx Inaugural Finance User Group Meeting Recap - 29 November 2018

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Hi Everyone,


We had a great start to the Inaugural Finance User Group Meeting. Thanks to @Anando @andrewbell and Nicholas Bignell (UBS) for taking time out and presenting. 


We did a quick recap of the Finance breakfast at Inspire Europe 2018. 


@andrewbell from Clearsulting presented on the Alteryx as an automation and analytics tool. A case study on use of Alteryx to identify discrepancies in sales tax reconciliations was also presented. Andrew stressed on the importance of standardizing workflows as Alteryx scales across the organisation. 


Nicholas Bignell, Director - UBS, discussed analytics as a service in UBS and how Alteryx fits in. In UBS use of Alteryx has evolved as a tool to allocate departmental / legal entity costs to a Centre of Excellence which is led by Nick and used cross - functionally across the company. Nicholas also spoke about data science within UBS and how UBS is enabling people and facilitating data science within the organisation. 


We are happy to share the slide deck and webinar from today’s presentation.


Thanks again to @andrewbell @Anando @ChrisS  and Nick for pulling together this awesome presentation.



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Hi rsomani005,


Thanks for posting the recap!


I was wondering if the webinar got deleted? I can see a link to the slide deck only...




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Hi @aivanova, This recap was for our Q4 2018 meeting. The leaders will have our Q1 2019 meeting recap by tomorrow. It will include the recording and deck. Stay tuned! :)  

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
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Thank you all for sharing your experience. It was incredibly useful