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Tax, Audit + Office of Finance

Welcome to the Alteryx Tax, Audit + Office of Finance User Group!

This user group is for anyone who works with money in their data. Maybe you're in the finance or accounting department at your organization, or maybe you use Alteryx to analyze tax and audit data. Perhaps you work at a bank or are a consultant in the financial sector. No matter who you work for or what your title is - if there's money in your data, this user group is for you.

Please join us in sharing experiences, best practices and knowledge.

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Completing Or Extracting Tax Forms Using Alteryx

I've pondered this idea for quite sometime and I'm guessing that someone has already figured out how to do it. 


Has anyone figured out how to use Alteryx to complete PDF tax forms or extracting the data from a standardized tax form?


For example, the schedule K-1 is standardized (for the most part) so, I'm guessing that the data extraction would be pretty straightforward. 


Or, another example, most US tax forms are pretty standardized so the data completion would also be pretty straightforward. 


I think this would be a great idea! Especially for reading off K-1's.

I've dug into this a little bit and our local Alteryx rep also referred me to this:

For my needs, I need to research more on what's acceptable with the IRS as the forms I would want to do this for are generally e-filed and thus would be part of a xml file. Trying to see if attachments would be acceptable. Also, not sure if I can get hold of writeable IRS forms. I am out of town this week but glad to circle back on this and chat more about it.