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Q3 2017 Meeting Review

8 - Asteroid

Hello Alteryx addicts! Thank you to all who attended the Q3 2017 meeting. 


A special thank you to Forrest Harper for once again going through his parallel processing and scheduling presentation! It was a very informative presentation that everyone enjoyed. It's incredible to see the engagement and attendance at the meetings and everyone is benefiting from sharing ideas and tips and tricks. The Workflow Workshop is absolutely awesome to help our colleagues through data challenges within Alteryx. Below is the link to the Q4 2016 Meeting Review where you will find the presentation Forrest went through. 


Q4 2016 Meeting Review


Attached is the Tips & Tricks series Dynamic Rename workflow and file I went through on identifying the row that are headers.


Below you will find the link to watch the presentations from Inspire 2017.




Please stay tuned on the Tampa Alteryx User Group page for the upcoming meeting in Q4 2017 and don't forget to register and become a member of the Tampa Alteryx User Group!


Thank you!