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Adding rows within a number range

9 - Comet

Thanks again guys for hosting the meeting and allowing the time to ask questions.  Nicolas knocked this out within a few minutes.

As I had mentioned, these 5 digit numbers didn't need to actually be a valid zip, I just needed the numbers filled in on consecutive rows.   If you download the workflow, you'll see how he did it with a row generator and row count formula.  Thanks again!


zip prob and sol.jpg


zip pic.jpg



12 - Quasar

Glad Nick helped!  One of our objectives with the User Group is to grow expertise locally and share experience. Glad the workshop segment is providing benefits.  And remember that you can reach out to others or myself in the group anytime through the community and of course on a larger scale the community as a whole has loads of value for learning and exploring solutions.

8 - Asteroid

Glad you find the Workflow Workshop helpful! This engagement to share ideas and tackle obstacles is exactly what drives the user group success. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you at the Q4 2017 meeting!