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Hey Australia Maveryx Community!


I'm Cheryl from our Alteryx SparkED team in APAC & I support schools (e.g. Uni of Sydney, Swinburne Uni of Tech, UTS, RMIT etc) to teach and learn analytics (for free!) + to connect hiring managers to awesome analytics talent! I'm looking for as many volunteers as possible who are able and passionate about providing advice and support in any of these areas, please don't hesitate to reach out here (or on LinkedIn) if you're interested. 


- Curriculum Support/Advice: Lecturers are often curious about Alteryx but they have no idea how it applies to their courses [e.g. Supply Chain Analytics, Company Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Risk Analytics, Big Data Analytics, etc] If you're open to provide sample Alteryx workflows (with no confidential data, of course), or contribute to capstone projects (e.g. real life industry problems for students to solve), or advise lecturers how/which topics could Alteryx be exemplified easily, we can help to close the gap between industry and academia 😊


- Guest Lectures/Workshops: Sometimes, lecturers are keen to host a short guest speaking segment (online/in-person) in their lessons and this allows you to share your professional insights directly with students. There are also equal opportunities to run short workshops as a great hands-on way to introduce students to Alteryx. I can provide you with sample student workshop datasets to work with, or you can also guide them through a fun Alteryx Weekly Challenge. 


- Student Analytics Career Events: I've been partnering with the awesome @ramesh_neel and @Nezrin for various Sydney-based student events, and these are wonderful opportunities for you to inspire the next gen + look out for great talent to join your organisation. Excited about inviting you to speak, present, or coach students at our next events in Sydney, Melbourne and possibly even Queensland or Canberra! Drop me a note ( if you're keen to be featured.  


And of course, if you're connected with your alma mater & keen to introduce Alteryx, I'm always happy to help explore and start the Alteryx teaching (+learning) journey. 


Thank you & excited to have you supporting the next gen of Maveryx in Australia! 

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Thanks Cheryl ! Count me in as always :)

Alteryx ACE | Sydney Alteryx User Group Lead | Sydney SparkED Contributor
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@Cheryl_Alteryx  - Thanks for the post :) Just let us know when and where :) 



Alteryx ACE | Sydney Alteryx User Group Lead | SparkED Contributor and Mentor