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Sydney, Australia

Alteryx is a new breed of data blending and advanced analytical software specifically designed for the Analyst and business user alike. Come and share your experiences and knowledge

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Nezrin Noushad

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Call for User Group Leaders and Presenters


Hi Sydney UG Members!


My name is Chris Shernaman and I am the Alteryx User Group Coordinator for Sydney.


I wanted to reach out to you all to share some amazing opportunities for you to get involved in the Alteryx User Groups!


We are currently looking for both leaders and presenters for this User Group.


As a leader, you would work with a team of others from various companies. The leadership team discusses and finalizes the User Groups date/time of meetings, topics, agendas and guests to present their use cases. You will also get the chance to attend and meet in person, up to three times a year, at our company’s customer conference, Inspire.


As a presenter, you would submit your use case to the leadership team for the chance to present at a user groups quarterly meeting. If selected to present, we send SWAG to our presenters as a way of thanking them for taking the time out of their schedule to share their best practices and Alteryx knowledge. Finally, there is also a chance to receive a free ticket to Inspire!


If you have general questions about these opportunities, please feel free to comment below. You are also more than welcome to reach out to me (@ChrisS) directly to discuss further.



I look forward to hearing from you!

Alteryx Certified Partner

@ChrisS Happy to be a leader and/or speaker. My issue is I have childcare commitments after standard business hours and these events are typically late into the evening. Is there time flexibility during business hours for involvement or are user groups ever planned to be during business hours?


Hey @ChrisS 


I don't think I am anywhere near experienced enough to be a leader, but I am working on a project at the moment that might be interesting to present - someone would have to assess it though to determine if it's interesting to anyone else ;)


Hi @Muratie ,


Thank you for your response! I would be happy to connect with you to learn more about your project and your interest in presenting at the User Group. I am located in Irvine CA, but please let me know when would be a good date/time to meet! 





Hey @ryan_lambert,


Thank you for your response, I'd be happy to connect! I am in Irvine CA, please let me know when you would be available for a quick chat.




Hey Chris! I'm a relatively new-ish user to Alteryx in Sydney and keen to hear more about this user group! 


What sort of things specifically would we present on?



Alteryx Partner

Hi @Kitty , I know you mean @ChrisS and not me but I've been attending the user group in Sydney for the last few years.


There's usually 2 presentations per meeting, sometimes more technical and sometimes more simple but it's always great value and shows how other people use Alteryx.


Meetings are quarterly (hopefully more frequently !!!) always in the CBD, usually starting around 5pm for a few hours.

Thanks cmcclellan!

It sounds pretty interesting actually!

I would be interested to attend, even if I wasn't presenting

Is there a schedule or something like that set up?
Alteryx Partner

There hasn't been one this year :(  and I doubt there will be one before Inspire (USA), but hopefully there is one soon !

aww, that's a shame to hear

hopefully there's one soon!