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Sydney, Australia

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Alteryx Grand Prix - Sydney team

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi there,


if anyone is keen to do the Alteryx Grand Prix this year, I'd be up for it. I'm pretty good with the basic tools but have not really done spatial stuff, so am looking for team members who have :)


I doubt I'd be able to make the Inspire that follows if we made it through, but it would be fun just to give it a go (although if Alteryx would spring for the flights....)


Hopefully we can catch up at the next Sydney meetup.





Alteryx Partner
Sounds like fun! When is the next Meetup in Sydney?

Wenjuan Chen, PhD
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Alteryx Certified Partner

I've been waiting for it too be announced - it's usually every 2-3 months so this month or next month sometime, I'd think

I got an email today that's it's currently being planned. So should find out in the next week or 2. Grand Prix this year is back to singles rather than teams, it's been announced on the community engine works blog.
Alteryx Partner

No teaams, no Aces .... interesting decision !