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Community People Finder

I am meeting a lot of awesome people at #Inspire17!! ...but when I went to try and find some of them on the Community, I realize there is no easy way to do this. How cool would it be for there to be a User or People section on the Community where you could find people by querying their public stats (or even private stats if the user checks something saying to make those stats public)?! This feature could help tremendously with networking! Here's some situations where something like this would help:


"I remember this guy worked for x-company, if only I could see their name, I would know who it is"

"I want to connect with other Alteryx users near me"

"I want to reach out to this presenter from Inspire17, but I forgot what their Community Username was"



It would be nice if it connected to LinkedIn, then it would make it easier to keep company, location and contact information up to date.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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Hi @DultonM, I'm so glad to hear you made good connections at Inspire, it certainly was great to finally meet you in person!


You currently have the ability of searching users by changing the filter option on the search, and we are working on improving search performance to better support this. What gets returned may vary depending on how users have chosen to set their own privacy settings. Users need to set "Show private information in profile" to All to allow others to search them by company, for example, or to allow you to see their stats.  However if they have chosen to not share anything, we will respect their privacy. 


To connect with other Alteryx users near you, we strongly recommend checking out local User Groups.


As for Inspire speakers, we're working on improving that next year so community usernames get added to badges, speaker info, etc. 



I hope this helps! Let us know what else we could be doing to facilitate connecting you with others via the community.


I connect with other users mostly through Twitter and LinkedIn, but I do like the idea of adding community usernames to badges and other items.