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The Alteryx Journey for a UT Dallas MSBA Student



I Speak Alteryx!

By: Mallikarjuna Swamy



W. Edwards Deming said – “In god we trust, others must bring data.”


The next question is, what next when we have data? We do Alteryx!


From data to discoveries to decisions, Alteryx has been my go-to tool since I got my hands on it. And that was not so long ago!


I got back to school to pursue MS in Business Analytics at the The University of Texas at Dallas after a very successful 6-year career at Siemens.


My journey with Alteryx started when our program director Prof. Gaurav Shekhar announced a collaboration with Alteryx through the Alteryx SparkED program. With very little to no knowledge of the tool itself, the structure of the program was the right blueprint for my learning. 


My background is in electrical engineering, and data processing comes to me with a bit of additional effort. Every tool within Alteryx is built so intuitively that this additional effort is off my plate, and I can pour all my energy into the data at hand. Following the course structure as my blueprint, I got my Alteryx MicroCredentials 5 days in. Felt confident and to keep my flow going I took a shot at the


Designer Core the very next day and I got that done too.


That was my true starting point. Since then solving weekly challenges and helping others around me to get Core certified has been a great learning experience for me. A large part of my learnings has been from the comments section of the challenges page than anything. I have come to realize that the Alteryx community around me plays huge in all the learning, and I am grateful for it. At JSOM - MS Business Analytics, Alteryx is definitely the buzz in the town, and we have around 500 students with Alteryx certifications.


We had the opportunity to participate in the Alteryx #Datathon organized at UT Dallas. Over 200 students participated in the first round which was a fun Escape Room event with a twist of using Alteryx. Followed by round two, that had 100 business analytics graduate students split into 25 teams to solve real business problems over 2 days. We had some interesting cases from The Walt Disney Company, Goldman Sachs, NOV and RSM, and oh boy we had fun solving them.


This gave a hint at what learning and growing in a highly intense competitive environment feels like. It was a great opportunity to interact with the industry experts as well as the Alteryx ACEs. After this experience I have been telling everyone, as I was telling everyone at the event, Alteryx is my go-to tool to work with the data in hand.


Grateful to the team that put together all this for us students!

Jay Garcia Bhumika P. Jason Belland Annie Mais


Thank you to Joshua Burkhow for you guidance at the datathon.


And, thank you Deanna Sanchez for pushing me to share my Alteryx journey.


Up next, I look forward to meeting many more users from the Alteryx community in the DFW Alteryx User Group Meeting, Friday, February 24th happening at UT Dallas.


If you are in Dallas and you speak Alteryx, do join us!

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